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: Thrust Boosters
Jun 23, 2006

“She can’t take much more of this captain!”

Though not another planet, Antarctica actually is used for testing/training for future missions to planets such as mars. Many of the systems the scientists use at stations there are the same as would be set up on a foreign planet. In addition to combatting the cold and being in an environment that does not support life (towards the pole) they must be totally self-sufficient (particularly during the winter when their are no more supply shipments).

Back to Business & An Anniversary…

I got back a little late from my little vacation (hence the missed Wednesday comic) and I have to get back into the groove of things around here. Being unplugged for a week is nice but disorienting trying to get back into things. My newsboxes are full of all sorts of things I’ve yet to sort through.

But just before getting all the way back into things here, today I’m celebrating my fifth year anniversary with my lovely wife who has been wonderfully supportive of this comic project from the start and who I love dearly. It feels great to hit 5 years, I wish I could say it was twenty or thirty as a testament to the strength of our bond. The comic’s one year anniversary is also coming up, so there is much to rejoice. Anyway, I’ll see you all Monday, have a great weekend and thanks to those that purchased shirts!