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: Jury Duty II
Jul 24, 2007

Serving as a juror is quite a task and I’m coming home pretty drained. But I’m going to keep getting comics up this week (seems I’ll be getting them done in the evening rather than having them here first thing in the morning, so Friday’s you’ll have to check that night or on Saturday morning)…

If you’re not familiar with the juvie penguins’ strong-arm, Thomas, then catch up here. Or if you’re new to the strip, you might want to read more of the juvies’ opportunistic schemes.

Getting out of jury duty seems to be the initial plan of anyone getting a jury summons. It says right on the summons, failure to show up may result in being “punished for contempt of court”. They can excuse or reschedule you if you have a major event or vacation planned or if it is going to cause and extreme hardship for you. Of course it’s going to be a pretty major inconvenience for anyone, but that’s just how life is sometimes. Hopefully not, but one day you may need a jury yourself.