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: Jury Duty III
Jul 25, 2007

Yes, my jury duty continues, and I’ll continue with these little jury duty comics for you throughout this week. As I said before, I come home pretty drained from it, but Wally & Osborne provide me with a little moment of fun and happiness.

The jury selection process I was in was a whole day, a lot of waiting, and waiting, and then getting called in for hours and hours of intrusive questioning. Not really my idea of a good time.

The court does have a cafe, I went in but haven’t eaten there yet. The jury conference room or “lounge” as I like to call it actually has all the complimentary bottled water, soda or coffee I can drink. I joked to my wife that I would bring home a case of the bottled water. Heh, not really, but I will probably end up drinking that much… I drink me some water, it am good. šŸ˜‰