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: Jury Duty I
Jul 23, 2007

So, I got a summons for jury duty in the mail. As a resident of a state in the US you are obligated to serve jury duty when your name is pulled from the magic hat of some giant database machine in the back of some state department. Starting today, for the next two weeks I will be serving my jury time. Today I went in and sat with a group of about 60 people, after several hours of sitting around, and then several hours of questioning and probing us, a jury was selected (12 people with 2 alternates for a totaly of 14). And I was one of them, I made the team! Heh, not a team it seems most people want to make, many people do their best to get out of jury duty as it can be a pretty big inconvenience. So I’ll be sitting in on a court case I’m sworn in not to talk about at all. Sure, I’d rather be busy creating comics and stuff… but I’m just going to make the best of it and do my part as a citizen.

And I figure it only fair to make poor old Osborne have to go through it too, so it’s jury duty comics all week!