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: Guiltbelly
Aug 14, 2006

You knew I wasn’t going to let Wally and Osborne just go off with that pathetic penguin’s rocks. They have good hearts. I would be much more apt to toss him to a killer whale to put him out of his misery. Actually I should start a donation button to save him. 🙂

Update Schedule

So last week hit a low for updates at only zero. The good news is that today I’m finishing the last of the work-related projects I’ve been busy with, so I’ll be able to get back to the regular updates as well as get back to preparing the first Wally & Osborne book collection.

Mother of Pearl Cloud

Check out the undoctored photos of a rare nacreous cloud over Antarctica that is produced in extremely cold air.

Global Warming Funtime

“A brewery in Greenland is producing beer using water melted from the ice cap of the vast Arctic island.” Capitalization! Well… I guess that way the ice goes to good use, heh, I’d try a pint… you know, to stay cool on a warming globe.

Also, “world leaders have been urged to put more money into developing new energy technologies to tackle global warming.” I’m looking forward to new energy technologies, if nothing else, more cost efficient methods. Energy is starting to get real expensive these days.