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: Like Taking Candy From A Baby
Aug 4, 2006

Do people really take candy from babies? Should babies even be eating candy? At any rate, I’m pretty sure Wally does not know the proper way to hold a penguin. Any time I’ve seen people holding them they had them in a “bear” hug…heh. Also for the record, penguins carry rocks with their beaks, Osborne just happens to have amazing flipper dexterity.

Penguins In the News

Long-time reader Sidnaceous sent me a link to this article. Every year penguins drifting out on ice floes end up way north on the beaches of Brazil. It says they are sent to local zoos, but this year there are over a 100 of them and they will be taking a trip back to the Antarctic ocean care of Brazil’s air force and navy. Maybe they are wintering in Brazil (it’s winter down there) because Antarctica is freezing (literally).

Apparently that oil spill I mentioned back in May off the coast of Argentina is still unexplained. Nice. On a good note though, the first batch of rescued and cleaned Magellanic penguins of about 200 survivors are being returned to the sea.

Polar Bears In the News

In an Amsterdam zoo, in the middle of summer, Tatania the polar bear got to play in man-made snow. The snow may end up being a regular treat, especially if the Netherlands continue to see such heatwaves.

Global Warming In the News

LOL. It’s all over the place, I can’t even break it down enough to summerize it here other than to say “please stay tuned to the event of a lifetime when the earth will spontaneously explode into a ball of flames”.