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: Returning Rocks
Aug 21, 2006

Wally is handy with a shovel… and that there is his favorite borrowed shovel. I guess it’s becoming a regular gag.

Speaking of beating stuff with shovels, I brought my son to a costume party the other day where the kids were to dress up as their favorite superheroes. He went as The Blue Raja (throws forks) from Mystery Men and I of course went as The Shoveller (beats stuff with a shovel). Maybe I’ll get pics later. It’s a funny movie starring several comedians about some makeshift underdog superheroes… if you haven’t seen it.

Weekday Updates!

Anybody else want to see Wally & Osborne updating five days a week again? I know I do. I’ll make sure there are updates five days a week if you make sure to read it five days a week (and tell all your friends and family to too!). So show up here tomorrow for a new comic, I’ll be here if you will. 😉