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: Good Eats
Feb 21, 2006

Heh, Wally has been cracking me up. I guess that’s good for your own character to crack you up, when they’ve developed themselves into something seemingly beyond yourself. If I wake up one day with no friends, I’ll still have Wally, and he’ll make me laugh. Hopefully you guys are entertained as well, or entertained at watching me entertain myself.

Little Osbourne is so not eating himself there. He’s totally pulling a Cookie Monster. That used to kind of frustrate me as a kid, seeing Cookie Monster eat cookies, he would just crumble them up and let them fall out of his mouth, I wanted to see him actually get some of the cookie. It was so unsatisfying. Then I would think they could have designed the puppet better. I would make holes in the back of my puppets mouths so they could swallow items. And stuffed animals I had that weren’t puppets, they got oral surgery and became sort of Frankenpuppets.

Polar Bear Day Coming Up

Speaking of Wally, International Polar Bear Day is coming up next Monday. So be sure to be here for a Polar Bear Day strip and extra Polar Bear news items. If you want to send Wally gifts, just send them to me, he likes all the stuff I do, especially US currency. 😉