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: Unconditional Love
Feb 20, 2006

“Little” Osbournes have unconditional love. What a beautiful thing.

Apparently animal behavioral sciences have given birth to animal psychiatrists, which are starting to receive some official recognition. Maybe your dog doesn’t need to be punished the next time he chews up your shoes, maybe he just needs someone to talk to.

Stolen Penguin’s Parents Hatch Egg

The penguin parents of Toga, who was stolen, have just hatched their new egg in Amazon World zoo located in southern England. It’s nearly a week old now but no info is available yet on the name and whether it’s male or female. This penguin couple, Kyala and Oscar, have become quite the celebrities with all the press they receive. Hopefully they have better luck with this chick; the zoo has since installed cameras and motion sensors. Full article from Associated Press.