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: Little Osbourne Can Fly
Feb 22, 2006

See you little guy, hardly knew yuh!

My grandpa taught me to play golf, many years ago. It was surprisingly fun, I still get to play every once in an occasion. I kind of have a Happy Gilmore style where I tee off and hit the ball incredibly far and straight, and my game is pretty much done there. I have to hope for the best on chips and puts. Sometimes that’s why I just like to go to the driving range. It�s a great way to relieve stress too. At any rate, this is not the last you will see of golfing in the comic, we’ll pick up on it again. Can you imagine golfing in Antarctica? Finding the ball could prove to be a real pain, probably go for the orange ones over white. 😉

Elephant Seals Dive For Science

I’ve mentioned Elephant Seals in the news posts before (not to mention the comic one was in) in the World Records Antarctica posts I did. The elephant seal took a record for the largest pinniped (seal family) and also for lung endurance. One bull weighed nearly 9,000 lbs and stretched out over 21 feet. They can dive 6000 feet deep and hold their breath for up to two hours. These diving abilities have earned them a job with scientists.

Basically scientists are gluing data recorders to their little heads.

These devices are recording information about the water temperature and salinity at different depths and broadcasting it back to the scientists. This will help them understand more about what�s going on in the waters of the Southern Ocean as well as the global climate. Click here for the full article from BBC.