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: Fresh Air
Nov 23, 2006

Ah yes, fresh air. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do that, get some fresh air. Too many hours in a little studio office at the computer or drawing table and you have to break away and get out in the fresh air a bit. It actually recharges you.

I Done Seen the Happy Feet

I saw Happy Feet the other day after I posted the comic. It was a lot of fun. It was interesting the way they did the animals, more realistic and true to actual form than the rest of the more cartoony styled animations of today. It had story and humor and music, lots of music in a Moulin Rouge sort of way. It was a penguin musical. Seeing the little penguins entertainingly dance around the screen really made me want to play with animation a bit with Wally & Osborne. Maybe some day.

National Geographic nerded it up (much like I would have) by comparing the movie with facts [ click here for the article ]. They didn’t seem to have much to disagree with though, they added that krill is a big part of the penguin diet in addition to fish (krill wasn’t mentioned in the movie) and also that penguins don’t really have a fear of humans, or are pretty much indifferent. In the movie it was more necessary for the story. Hopefully real life penguins will learn, they just haven’t been around us humans long enough in history yet.


  1. I love club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. click on my name to go to club penguin!!!:)

  3. I saw Happy Feet, It rox. Ramone is awesome!!!;)

  4. Hey! We need a comic soom!!!!

    Did you know…..

    Emperor Penguin can stand up to 4 feet tall!

    That’s almost as tall as my little sister! 🙂

  5. SportyBlonde! says:

    Wow penguins can get REALLY big!!! How tall can they get?

    And I understand, Jai Inder Singh, where you are coming from with correcting grammer skills. I’m pretty picky myself. I’m taking my second year of Spanish this year, and it can be difficult for me sometimes, so I understand why Emperor Penguin is having difficulties learning English. Afterall, English is a pretty hard language to learn…

  6. SportyBlonde! says:

    I mean Zeel, not Emperor Penguin! Sorry!!!

  7. SportyBlonde! says:

    O wow, 4 feet? That’s an awfully big bird!

  8. hey all!!! whassup? i saw Happy Feet and it is AWESOME!!!!! i love a ton of quotes, but here are a few:
    “Put your ego away, Ramon. It’s going to hurt somebody”-One of the Amigos
    “Who is dis fool?”-Lovelace
    “She take away, da biggest part ov heem….Oh baby please don’t go!”-Ramon and the Amigos
    “I hear da people wanting something…ME!!!!!”-Ramon
    “Take the stupid fish!”-Mumble
    “You caught it, you eat it”-Gloria

    thats all!! sorry for wasting space, but i had to share!!! talk later!!! bye!!!-sarah

  9. On the Happy Feet Flash Site you can click on characters and see what some of their quotes are. I’m gonna see it tommorow. That’s when it finnally comes out in Germany. The good thing about movies over here is that we get Harry Potter movies before America, because we’re closer to England.

  10. wit says:

    I was actually terrified to see this movie. My daughter saw it and loved it but I just couldn’t find an interest…until reading everyone’s comments. I guess I’ll have to check it out

  11. zeel says:

    I spech english and I olways have I siply cant spel go ahed and corect it just dont make fun

  12. Cat says:

    OKAY, seriously, Jai Inder, you have NO RIGHT to rag on zeel. Until your spelling and grammar are impeccable, you hush. zeel wasn’t correcting you or bothering anyone, so there’s no need to make fun of him OR correct him, especially when your english is less than perfect. If you don’t like how he writes, don’t read his posts, it is that simple. Just in your posts from the past couple days you have made numerous spelling and grammatical errors, even in the posts where you’re supposedly correcting zeel’s mistakes, so you aren’t even being that helpful, you’re just being snooty and cruel. Of course you can post all you like, but there’s no need to pick on other people to get noticed.

  13. Seriously, we neeeeeed a comic. 🙁

    Did you know….

    On average, emperor penguins live to be 20 years old.

    Huh and think that we consider that young… or at least compared to like 80. 🙂

  14. zeel says:

    THank you cat

  15. zeel says:

    I agree with Emperor Penguin we need a comic

  16. zeel says:

    Jai Inder Singh you are cindu rude LAY OFF!!!!!

    ttis strip is funy but it is gettinng cindu old

  17. Cristina says:

    The third panel is so good you could just cut it out and it could be a single panel comic all on its own!
    And to all of the posters out there posting in english as a second language, you’re doing great! I can’t even tell!
    (you’re probably doing better then some people who have english as a first language… :D)

  18. Cristina your right that is sorta like a comic by itself! 😀

    Did you know…..

    Adult female emperor penguins lay only one egg every winter.

    I guess if they layed two that would be hard for the male to balance on his feet …… huh?

  19. zeel says:

    hehehe 🙂 :->

  20. zeel says:

    hehehehehehehehe 🙂 :.( |:( ):(

  21. zeel says:

    [blink] haha vary funy comic I :love: it :-> [/blink]

  22. Jai Inder Singh says:

    Ha ha! Very funny comic. I love it. (plus all those trying to make scrolling or blinking text, and smileys.) I finished my novel. It didn’t kill me. Hooray!

  23. Jai Inder Singh says:

    cindu = kinda = kind of… I think

  24. SportyBlonde! says:

    Is it legal in the United States to have a penguin for a pet? That would be so cool!
    What kind of penguin is Osborne anyways?

  25. Osborne is an Ade’lie penguin. And without a liscense, which is very expensive, you can’t keep one as a pet. I’m seeing Happy Feet today. The next time I post, I will have seen it. Yay.

  26. izzieluv says:


  27. Jenny says:

    Wow. THAT quite sure was a big blizzard.

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