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: Fresh Air
Nov 23, 2006

Ah yes, fresh air. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do that, get some fresh air. Too many hours in a little studio office at the computer or drawing table and you have to break away and get out in the fresh air a bit. It actually recharges you.

I Done Seen the Happy Feet

I saw Happy Feet the other day after I posted the comic. It was a lot of fun. It was interesting the way they did the animals, more realistic and true to actual form than the rest of the more cartoony styled animations of today. It had story and humor and music, lots of music in a Moulin Rouge sort of way. It was a penguin musical. Seeing the little penguins entertainingly dance around the screen really made me want to play with animation a bit with Wally & Osborne. Maybe some day.

National Geographic nerded it up (much like I would have) by comparing the movie with facts [ click here for the article ]. They didn’t seem to have much to disagree with though, they added that krill is a big part of the penguin diet in addition to fish (krill wasn’t mentioned in the movie) and also that penguins don’t really have a fear of humans, or are pretty much indifferent. In the movie it was more necessary for the story. Hopefully real life penguins will learn, they just haven’t been around us humans long enough in history yet.