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: Ultimate Delightfulness
Nov 28, 2006

Osborne has just discovered the greatness that is known as coffee, just as I once discovered many years ago. And now it is a part of my life as it will be a part of Osborne’s. It is with me every waking morning. I love the coffee. I need the coffee. My teeth used to be really white. I love the coffee.

Todd and Penguin

Many of you are probably already familiar with the Todd and Penguin webcomic, it’s been around for over 5 years. David Wright had a guest comic month this month and invited me to do one for today. I had actually talked to David long ago giving him some tips on graphics back when I had started another webcomic and had no idea I’d one day be doing a comic also featuring a penguin. Long live penguins in comics. Well, maybe not David’s penguin Penguin… during the guest strip run he’s been mauled, boiled, stabbed and now bound and left for dead in Antarctica. Sorry Dave!