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: Jamming To the Tunes
Nov 21, 2006

As long as Wally was enjoying himself. I like a lot of music, have a wide listening range even, but there is still some that I would no doubt prefer the static to.

Five Months Till Dark

Someone asked again about the long seasons without sun and without dark since I did another gag like that the other day with the stars. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but if you are at either of the poles, the sun just circles around you. This changes though when the season changes, then there is a moon circling. Depending on the area of Antarctica, there are places that do somewhat have days and nights when the sun comes up a little bit and then goes down a bit in between the two seasons, summer and winter. I found this video with some great footage of this, it is a time-lapsed year from the McMurdo station (the largest outpost in Antarctica located at the Antarctic coastline that is closest to the south pole) and some from the Amundsen-Scott base at the south pole as well. The poster shares that there they have about 4 months of light, 4 months of dark and more or less normal days in between. It’s cool to see the sun and moon traveling sideways.

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