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: False Water Balloons
Aug 31, 2015

I thought it fun to bring back the water balloon gag that became an instant classic. We know that Wally has gone to extreme measures to make sure not to hit Osborne with a frozen water balloon again and he continues to do so. Here’s the series of water balloon gags you can read through and see the creative lengths Wally has gone to in order to make sure there are no more injuries: Water Balloon, Water Balloons: Hot Ones, Water Balloon: Just Air, Water Balloon: Helium and Wally Balloon.

Oh, and there was one in which Osborne actually prevailed called Pengowned. Which was your favorite?


  1. Marco Tedaldi says:

    Yay, another water balloon! Can’t get enough of those!

  2. Axonite says:

    They work just as well as the frozen ones!

  3. Chris says:

    I loved the Hot water balloons a lot.

  4. TheKunadiun says:

    LOL 😀

  5. Mewcario says:

    3rd panel is my desktop backround.

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