So, just when we thought that would be it for the water balloon gags, a new twist arises. It was one of those random unlasting moments where you just suddenly have superhuman reflexes for a moment. This time Wally didn’t even worry about it, but he did call out “frozen” water balloon. Maybe that validated it, as long as you call it. Like perhaps “hey, I’m throwing the equivalent of a heavy rock right at you” gives total fair warning.

If you are new, water balloon gags are one of the recurring themes around here. If you go to the Archives you can actually sort the comics by category, and view all the water balloon ones. If you have an iPod you can download them for it, although, looks like I need to add this new one now.

Gay Penguins Won’t Take Wives

I don’t make this stuff up, this is the news! A German zoo has 10 male Humboldt penguins, six of them have paired up with each other. Zoos can’t take penguins out of the wild, only injured ones that cannot make it back out on their own, or ones that have been bred in captivity. Anyway, Sweden sent over some female penguins but they have not had much luck yet in mating. Apparently a gay rights group was actually upset about it, like they were trying to get the penguins to change their preference. That’s just silly, they are just trying to get the penguins to breed to have some baby penguins. I almost thought it was a joke article but you can go read it for yourself. Humboldt penguins live off the southern tip of South America, they have a white band across the head and a black one across the chest. They look like the African penguin or ones you will often see at zoo’s or in commercial spots. Their population is currently considered vulnerable, believed to be caused by humans over-fishing their habitat.

And A Video

If you are on the internet much, you’ve no doubt seen the video clip or animated GIF of a penguin pushing another into the water. Well, here is the original clip, just one penguin that didn’t realize at what point the ice got too thin for walking.