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: A Hole
Feb 8, 2006

This is actually kind of interesting as there are no holes in Antarctica. The scientific explanation for this is… okay, I’m joking. Seriously, I got nothing. Also it is not really funny to push your friend in a hole, unless they are a penguin.

Global Warming

It just keeps popping up in the news. VH1’s I Love the 80’s was on the other day and the comedians were joking about back then when they first discovered the hole forming in the ozone layer, like it was not to big of a deal, just a hole, in the barrier around the earth that protects it and regulates the climate. This article from the Associate Press a couple days ago discusses how the melting arctic ice is not just a maybe thing. In good news the US federal government has taken the first step in declaring polar bears a threatened species. Threatened and endangered species’ environments have to be protected by law, so this could actually help in some regulations involving cleaning up our own environment.

And Now Video Time

Continuing video week here, this is another clip from Asian TV, I’m not sure the country of origin. In fact, I have no idea what is going on here, but it involves a king penguin (looks like an emperor but smaller and lives in warmer climates) walking around town with a penguin backpack.


  1. Shennko says:

    Ok…. I dont know whats more disturbing.. the fact that they have a pet penguin.. or the fact that they have trained it to go shopping for them… O.o


  2. Lee says:

    Gee, what an icehole.


  3. Woodie says:

    Its actually a chinese show, but the penguin is from japan. The fish is for the penguin though 🙂

  4. SuperVegito says:

    Hillarious Strip Tyler i Love the last pannel..btw ne way ne newz or a hit of when ur gonna do the book on wallys origin? i’d really like to know how he got to antartica and most of all from where he got that scarf. oh yeh this idead just struck me.. a rock and roll strip or wallypaper with wally and ousbourne dressed up as rockers…. like Aerosmith or KISS or Deep Purple

  5. Lee says:

    SuperVegita: I just had a disturbing flash of Wally in Gene Simmons’ makeup.

  6. Julie says:

    LOL! That was really cool!!!!! It reminds me of that penguin video that’s making the rounds via the web, where one penguin “pushes” the other into the water!

  7. Ryan says:

    Ok, that settles it. I’m getting a pet penguin.

  8. ANA_IN_NM says:

    I saw this on TV (Animal Planet) a while back. This is what I remember: what happened was that the penguin had been caught and hurt in a net. He was sent to a rehabilitation center but he was not able to go back to the wild. So this people adopted him. He has his own airconditioned room, with a wading pool, and seemed to enjoy interacting with the family. They taught the penguin how to go to the fish market to get some fish. The grocer feeds him some fish and then sends fish for his owners in the backback.

  9. Kevin says:

    People falling down holes is actually funny simply because it’s them and not you.

    I had an argument with a friend about global warming once – he believes it is a myth and that the world is going through a cycle and that by adopting any of the changes required by the Kyoto protocols to reduce greenhouse emissions would cost business too much money.

    When I asked if he thought it was a good idea to clean up the air we breathe even if global warming didn’t exist, he wasn’t really too interested in doin that if it meant he had to give up his SUV.

  10. Kathie says:

    That’s an odd video. I personally don’t like SUV’s anyway(I know, nothing to do with the video, but global warming so I’m kind of on topic). Most of them are gas guzzlers.

    I think Wally’s naive nature is so cute. I pushed my friend into a hole once…. it was great!

  11. Ashley says:

    lol I love cold weather so in my opinion, On The Rocks Comics are really a hit, I always am looking foward to it everyday. 😀 Thanks for having it!

  12. BriaN says:

    Yeah I want a pet penquin now… So I think I am just going to make enough money to buy stock in Sea World so that I can own the whole (ant)artic area and therefore I will own pequins and polar bears. Good strip though very funny

  13. Tyler Martin says:

    Heh Wally Simmons. SuperVeg, it will be a ways off before I do the Origin of Wally because I want to have lots of time to think about it and let the strip develop itself a bit more. I have put together a gameplan for printing though, and the origin of Wally will be part of those plans.

    Ana, thanks so much for sharing that. I figured it would have had to be some peculiar situation like that. They are a protected animal so unfortunately none of us can have them as pets.

    ALSO…Thursday’s comic will be up a bit late. I have been working all day on a project and I just finished now at 4AM, it has to be in front of a boardroom by 9AM. So I’m going to get some sleep, and then maybe I’ll get the comic finished up and online while I am incoherantly teleconferencing with them. 🙂

  14. Mangas says:

    Dear dear Tyler,
    A friend of mine is very impatient and right now he’s almost crying because there isn’t a new cartoon today!
    I hope your teleconferencing doesn’t take much longer, because he’s making me crazy!

  15. Tyler Martin says:

    Heheh, uploading it now.

  16. Katty says:

    Hey! That’s a Pengu backpack!

  17. Neo R. says:

    That wally is soooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny

  18. The Angel says:

    It’s Pingu! YAY! 😀

    I still have a bunch of the Pingu movies but they’re all in Chinese. -_-

  19. bobo says:

    i made this a wallpaper look.–>

  20. hey tyler…the penguin is buying fish for his owners. i saw this one on animal planet. the show was Amazing Animal Videos, if you would like to know

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