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: A Hole
Feb 8, 2006

This is actually kind of interesting as there are no holes in Antarctica. The scientific explanation for this is… okay, I’m joking. Seriously, I got nothing. Also it is not really funny to push your friend in a hole, unless they are a penguin.

Global Warming

It just keeps popping up in the news. VH1’s I Love the 80’s was on the other day and the comedians were joking about back then when they first discovered the hole forming in the ozone layer, like it was not to big of a deal, just a hole, in the barrier around the earth that protects it and regulates the climate. This article from the Associate Press a couple days ago discusses how the melting arctic ice is not just a maybe thing. In good news the US federal government has taken the first step in declaring polar bears a threatened species. Threatened and endangered species’ environments have to be protected by law, so this could actually help in some regulations involving cleaning up our own environment.

And Now Video Time

Continuing video week here, this is another clip from Asian TV, I’m not sure the country of origin. In fact, I have no idea what is going on here, but it involves a king penguin (looks like an emperor but smaller and lives in warmer climates) walking around town with a penguin backpack.