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Jun 30, 2005
Water Balloon

Sometimes gags don’t go the way they were intended in Antarctica. Or at least not when Wally is trying to pull them off.

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  • Izzieluv


  • This is by far one of the best comics so far. Hilarious.

  • i hope osbourne is ok!!!

  • bobo

    why? 😕 😕

  • Cameron Stankich


  • BriGuy

    Wally needs to take a class on how cold temperatures affect water! 🙂

  • Kronos

    This is one of my favorite ones along with the “Hot water balloons” strip. PLEASE MAKE MORE WATER BALLOON STRIPS

  • Julie

    hahahahahahaha…i saw this last year, and till this day it carcks me up!!!!:)

  • i liked osborne’s in the third panel! 0.0

  • tom

    BALLOONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. poor osbourne

  • the conspiracy geek

    funny comic but its ovious theres a conspiracy against osborne with all these waterballoons.

  • Poppy

    These balloons are frozen!

  • I love Osbourne’s expression in the 2nd panel! 🙄

  • Hello penguins!
    Some of you may know me from and I’m just here to say you have a really good comic! Waddle on!

  • Replies!
    Billybob: Was I your buddy? My penguin’s called Bounder? 😕
    the conspiracy geek: What’s a “conspiracy?” 😯
    tom: Phew! 😆
    Zoey: He fell over! 😡
    Julie: In fact it’s one of the funniest water balloon comics in my opinion! 😀
    Kronos: Mmm…. 😐
    BriGuy: Well he is stupiid… 🙂

  • Amy

    Oh my.

  • Catherine

    Gosh !!!
    LOL Osbourne is the BEST!!!!! 😆 😮 😯 😥

  • Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙄

  • joe

    so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄 😆

  • Liger45

    Reminds me of when water shoots out, then, unexpectidly, IT FREEZEZ.

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  • baybay2

    I hope Osbourn is ok!!!

  • Nate


  • mnb;knl;’

    how do you do that smiley

    i’m gonna have a little experiment


  • mnb;knl;’


  • mnb;knl;’


  • mnb;knl;’


    Rolly eyes is the one


  • mnb;knl;’


  • mnb;knl;’

    How do you do it some one tell me!


  • mnb;knl;’

    NOTHING! Oh god.


  • mnb;knl;’


  • Hehe. In Pengowned, Osborne throws the water balloon back at Wally.

  • replacement for UNKNOWN :))

    I guess the iceberg isn’t big enough for the both of them


  • baybay2


  • baybay2


  • Kevin F

    How did wally get the fresh water?

    • Mewcario

      He probably peed in the water balloon. Don’t say im disgusting because its the only way to get un-salty water.

      • Kevin F

        But peeing also was a good amount of salt

        • Mewcario

          But not as much as salt water.

  • Xxvic&ggxX

    I’m laughing because that’s the only thing that’s fun right now. #atSchool

  • Xxvic&ggxX

    this is so dumb jk its funny asf

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