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5: Snow Forts
Jul 1, 2005

Osborne’s quest for perfection and greatness even carries over into little things. I’d really like to know if that drawbridge works.


  1. SFB says:

    I’m working on my own snow fort. its more like a snow dome now but when we get some more snow I’ll add some walls to make it a snow fort. I got lots of pictures of my snowforts. come and look

  2. Tyler Martin says:

    Very cool SFB! I’ll be sure to link your site for the next snow forts comic.

  3. bobo says:

    I wish I could make a snow-fort like that!

  4. Waluigi says:

    What next snow forts comic mr. Martin?

  5. fatsos says:

    hahaha. wally’s just clueless about osbourne.
    very funny.

  6. Joepro says:

    Wally couild just throw frozen water balloons.

  7. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    Once I made this awesome snow fort that was more like an igloo. It was SUPER warm in there! Alas, my much hated friend (don’t ask) decided to do a body slam on it. She was about 50 pounds hevier than me… It was cold and hurtfull.

  8. WALLY3330 says:


  9. Poppy says:

    I love that castle snow fort!

  10. Poppy says:

    I love Wally in the 2nd panel! 😥

  11. I love CP too! I’m a member infact! Karpolo is my penguin name, look for me in Canada, server, chinook. Usually wearing my black cowboy hat! See ya, keep your hood on. -Brian

  12. Poppy says:

    Karpolo (Brian): OK! 😡
    clubpenguindude: No, has more things. 👿
    WALLY3330: It’s just Osbourne’s fiddly engineering! 😮
    OrAnGe JuIcE: Very upsetting! 🙁
    Joepro: But Osbourne would catch them. 😈
    fatsos: How rude to Wally! 😥
    Waluigi: Think waterballoons instead. :mrgreen:

  13. CC says:

    I’m guessing Osbourne is VERY crafty when it comes to snow forts 😆

  14. Liger45 says:

    Reminds me of Super Mario World 2, Yohi’s Island(also Known as Super Mario World 2, slide to Make eggs throw eggs in Europe, and Super Mario Yossi Island in Japan) where there are lots of forts. Its like Burt the Bashful’s Fort, vs. Tap, Tap, the Red Nose’s Fort.

  15. Osbourne says:

    I am SO going to get snow fort lessons from Osborne!

  16. Liger45 says:

    how dare u hurt wally oborne!

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