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: Eye of the P. Bear
Mar 7, 2006

Welcome to “Late Comic” day, glad you could join us.

It’s time to pull out your old Survivor album or MP3 that you aquired through some legal means and sing along. Rocky training themed comics wouldn’t be complete without a parody of the catchy song from Rocky III, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

I rhymed “ice” with “ice”. I’m awesome.

If you were (or are) a Weird Al fan you’ll remember “Rye or the Kaiser” parody of it too. Probably one of my favorite Weird Al songs…

Fat and weak, what a disgrace.
Guess the champ got too lazy.
Ain’t gonna fly now, he’s just takin’ up space.
Sold his gloves, threw his eggs down the drain.

But he’s no bum, he works down the street
He bought the neighborhood deli.
Back on his feet, now he’s choppin’ up meat.
Come inside, maybe you’ll hear him say,

Try the rye or the kaiser,
They’re on special tonight.
If you want, you can have an appetizer
You might like our salami and the liver’s alright
And they’d really go well with the rye or the kaiser

And one of my favorite commercials also has a parody of the song actually done by Survivor.


Wally! Wally, Wally, Wally!

Man, I hope that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day now, ha ha! 😀


  1. Ashley says:

    lol, yup, its prolly gonna be stuck in my head, lol. I have heard that song by weird al, its pretty good, although not my fave. Well, have a good day/night! 😉

  2. Mackenzie says:

    poor wally…u think all he would like to do is eat sum chocolates and feed the cute seals…..the song was cool man…keep up the good work

  3. Matt D says:

    That commercial is pure genius. When it was on heavy rotation on Tv, i would have that song stuck on my head all day long

  4. Sten says:

    Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, W-a-a-l-l-y…man i loved that commercial when i still saw it……i need to go download eye of the tiger now…..or make a some song with my name, but that doesnt work…..Sten works, but my full name doesnt….poo dang

  5. Sten says:

    I know I can pay someone to follow me around and sing!! brilliant!

  6. Jonas says:

    Nice song! Putting that commercial up was great for getting that song stuck in my head! Thanks a lot!

  7. Sev says:

    You are truly one of the strangest human beings alive.

  8. Meg says:

    That possibly made my day– I heard Eye of the Tiger earlier on the radio, so this was perfect!

  9. Kalava says:

    ARGH! Because of yesterday, when “Eye of the tiger” was in The Simpsons, that song has been in my head. And now this? Now it’s impossible to get it out from my head.

  10. eris says:

    hahahaha! I love that Osbourne is almost strangling Wally, while hanging onto him by the scarf!

    I love this song, so inspiring in such an incredibly cheesy way.

  11. bobo says:

    i think iv seen that before. 😕

  12. crazycat12 says:

    tyler u have such great taste in music i love weirdal my favorite song by him is polkorama its such a great song i love it i also loved this comic , my bro walked in the room when i was singing the eye of the p bear song and looked at me like i was stupid but when i showed it to him he said it was a great song TYLER U ROCK keep up with the great songs ur my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. crazycat12 says:

    sorry for the typo i ment to say keep up the great comics / songs not keep up the great songs sorry 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Hannah says:

    i love this song

  15. Poppy says:

    Eye of the G. Cat! 😉
    Risin’ up back on the grass
    Did your time with some mice
    Ran away now your’e back on the path
    Just a cat and your will to diet

    So many times, happens in a miaow
    You think your passion is cat biscuits
    Don’t lose your grip on the mice going OW
    You must hunt just to keep it quiet

    Paw to paw, out in the hot
    Hangin’ tough, stayin’ so strong
    The odds are stacked til mouse scent you will stop
    For you hunt with the skill to diet

    It’s the eye of the g. cat it’s the thrill of the grass
    Rising up to the challenge of cat rivals
    And the last known dieter stalks his prey on the grass
    And he’s watchin’ us all with the eye… of the g. cat 😮

  16. Poppy says:

    That song is for my cat, Joe!

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