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: Bear On the Run
Mar 8, 2006

“Why, he’s just a runnin’ fool.”

My boyhood dog I’ve mentioned before, Tramp, that use to pull me when we would go sledding in the snow would get the “ice clods”. When we’d get home we’d lay by the wood stove getting warm, working out the compacted ice that had frozen to the hair between the pads of his feet. In between rounds of thawing my fingers I would try to work them out of the hair like bubble-gum while he preferred to lick and chew at them. That’s a real bonding moment with your pet there.

That’s actually a pretty nifty way for Osbourne to get around, aside from the training aspect. I’m not sure if it’s more like Yoda riding on Luke’s back for his Jedi training or more like Master Blaster from Mad Max.

A Blind Harry Lobster

Finding new species in the ocean is quite common, but this new crustacean discovery was distinct enough to earn itself its own family and genus for scientific classification. The name for the family was decided to be Kiwaida (a form of Kiwa who was the goddess of crustaceans in Polynesian mythology). The creature is white, just under half a foot long, has no eyes and has hairs on its legs. It was discovered 7,500 feet deep, 900 miles south of Easter Island in hydrothermal vents of the Pacific Antarctic Ridge. Click here for full article and link to a larger photo.