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: Seal, It’s What’s For Dinner
Mar 6, 2006

The polar bear’s primary source of food is seal, especially the ringed seal. Global warming threatens the polar bear because it threatens its hunting grounds, which is the ice around the arctic. The polar bear tracks the seals above the ice, while they travel from breathing hole to breathing hole under the ice. The polar bear also hunts for seal dens, holes dug up into the snow and ice from the water side where the cute baby seals live. Unfortunately the polar bear sees these as little snack pockets.

Penguins At the Oscars

The actual penguins weren’t there but some stuffed ones accompanied the directors of La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins) as they received their Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

“[Whistles] It means, thank you in penguins. I’d like to dedicate this statuette to all the children in the world who saw that movie. In 2041, they will decide to ruin you or not, the treaty that protects Antarctica. I will, maybe, the “March of the Penguins” will inspire them. Sorry for my English.” — Luc Jacquet

“Looking out on these tuxedos tonight, it’s like seeing the movie again. Thank you for this homage. Thank you very much. Goodbye. Thank you. Thank you.” — Yves Darondeau

Apparently the original French version and other non-US versions of the film had a different soundtrack that they didn’t think would work in the US film. Also they had up to three narrators rather than just one. And finally the US version had three minutes cut out of it, it was of the bird (I believe it was of a petrel species) actually killing one of the chicks rather than leaving you wondering a bit. It would be interesting to watch the original French version with subtitles.

New Wallpaper

I almost forgot. I made up some new wallpaper from Wally’s dream in last Friday’s strip. Wally & the Magic Rainbow as an advertisement to an old video game.