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: Deserted Island: The Island Is A Raft
Jan 19, 2006

The title pretty much says it all.

Poor Harold though. Being seasick is awful. The last time I was seasick was when I was young and went deep sea fishing. It was an overcast day far off the coast of Maine, you could not see the horizon, which I’m told when gazed upon helps stable the inner ear and ease the motion sickness. At first it was great, like a carnival ride, I stood up at the bow of the boat riding up and down what looked like 20 to 30 foot swells that towered far above the little fishing boat. Suddenly it hit me, the nausea, the hanging off the side of the boat an ruthlessly emptying a stomach that had only had hot chocolate that morning. It was horrible. Eventually I was able to fall asleep on a bench in the little cabin of the boat. I woke up feeling fantastic, but unfortunately by then the boat was already heading back to the mainland. Oh well, was never that big on fishing anyway.


  1. Nick says:

    Your comic rocks!

  2. Sev says:

    Wally is naked!

  3. Tyler Martin says:

    Aha, it’s only a matter of time before that picture is surfacing all over the internet. 😀

  4. Tyler Martin says:

    Oh, and thanks Nick!

  5. Izzieluv says:

    thats great Osbornes moving with Wally He He

  6. bobo says:

    Harold looks nice like that and another great one.

  7. axis says:

    um wally the raft is sincking

  8. waffle_man says:

    i like harold now that i got to know him

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