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: Deserted Island: Land Ho!
Jan 20, 2006

Insanity levels may have gotten too high if they were on the island any longer… er, iceberg.

You may wonder how a small iceberg like that didn’t melt away while out to sea over these many days (they actually call them growlers when they get small). Well, if you think of the expression “tip of the iceberg” that comes from actual icebergs, yeah, imagine that. 🙂 Basically meaning that icebergs are quite huge and only the tip of them is visible above water, about 1/8th of its actual size. They have a very frozen and dense core that makes them float so low, later in their lifespan after the outer areas have dissapeared there is more like 1/9th of them visible above the water’s surface.

As far as winding back up at the continent this is also quite common. Many large icebergs will break away and then float back to land often beaching themselves and/or breaking themselves up into smaller pieces. The circumpolar current of the ocean travels around Antarctica clockwise. Inside that there are currents such as the polar current that actual travels the opposite direction as well as gyre’s which flow in circular formations that sweep the coast.