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: The Rather System
Jan 23, 2006

What a way to start the week, with several things I have issues with…

First of all, stubbing my toe, oh I hate that, I mean, who doesn’t? It’s not just a painful experience but an emotional one. I work on a computer a lot so the first thing I do is click “undo” in my head, but it never works. Then there is the rush of pain and the inner turmoil of not knowing how to deal with what has just happened. It’s like you want to see someone pay for this atrocity that has just happened, and apparently it is yourself that is at fault and you do pay for it in the pain department so I guess it kind of all works out.

Next there is the issue of someone thinking they are helping you deal with pain by distracting you, distracting you by causing pain somewhere else on your person. Now, what is the logic there? What sort of technology is that? That would be like going to the doctor with a broken leg, and instead of giving you painkillers he puts your hand in a vice and says “ain’t that better? eh? I bet you’re not even thinking about that broken leg now.” I think distraction can be good, like maybe some humor or something to take the mind off the pain. Like Wally had actually managed to distract Osbourne for a minute there by making him think, “hey, is Wally onto something here with this ‘rather system’ or is he just an idiot?”

Finally there is the issue of not getting charged for being bonked on the head. Life is often like that, it often bonks you on the head… but unfortunately it charges you too.

On the Rocks On the iPod!

There’s a new service in beta right now that’s providing comic downloads which can be read on your iPod. I thought it would be fun to prepare some On the Rocks comics for this service, maybe it will catch on. You can bring comics with you to read on the go or maybe just to share with some friends. I’ve put up the Water Balloon collection of comics right now. Click here to go and download them. Even without an iPod you can read them as they are just a series of images. Unfortunately I’m not quite cool enough to have an iPod but if you do and you try it out, let me know what you think. I’ll be assembling some more collections for download soon.