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: Deserted Island: Raft
Jan 18, 2006

Of course we reach the point where the stranded decide a raft is the only hope, as seen on shows and movies. You would think this would be their first thought… but apparently finding food comes first, and then when hope of being saved fades the raft comes into play. It would be pretty scary to be out in open water on a tiny raft with limited food/water if any. I think I would just try and make the best of life on the island.

Penguins Last Year, Polar Bears This Year?

There is no question that the March of the Penguins movie really boosted the popularity of penguins in 2005. The media really ate it up and we were seeing penguins everywhere by winter. Well, Paramount recently purchased the rights to a National Geographic Film entitled Call of the North. Like March of the Penguins, it is a narrative about creatures living in a harsh and cold climate. Only this one is about Walruses and Polar Bears living in the Arctic. I believe it will be released this year, I’m not sure if it will be at our regular movie theaters but I imagine it could with March of the Penguins really paving the course for nature documentaries on the big screen.