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: Deserted Island: The Others
Jan 17, 2006

It’s not necessary to enjoy this strip, but the term “the others” comes from the show “Lost”. It is about people stranded on an island where weird stuff happens. They discover that there are other people on the island that were not on the plane they crashed in, and they refer to them as the “others”.

The show is currently in its second season. I remember seeing the first episode thinking I didn’t want to get hooked on it, TV shows have commercials every five minutes it seems, and ones like this keep leaving you hanging for the next episode, which can be a week or even three. It has one of the hobits in it so I had to see what it was about. 😉

At any rate… I’m addicted. JJ Abrams and his writing team really know how to weave together interesting characters, backstories and mysterious unkowns and I sit through the commercials and wait a weak or three for that next fix. I want to say hello to all the fellow Lost addicts out there. Hey guys, we can get through this together.

On a side note, after Lost (during the first season), Alias (also a JJ Abrams production) would come on, and even though it had been on several seasons it was the first I had started watching it. Many similarities in grabbing you with story and cliffhangers so I immediately rented and watched all the previous seasons of it. I recommend it while waiting for that next episode of… L O S T (kooom).