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: Cowboys: Two Mouths To Feed
Nov 18, 2005

If you could just do everything without thinking, that would kind of be like Wally. Actually he does think it just doesn’t take him very long.

I’m always trying to come up with relative facts to the comics but sometimes I can’t think of one or we’ve covered the stuff involved. Looking at this one, the only thing I can think of is that Adelie’s do actually lay one to two eggs as opposed to the Emperor Penguin that lays only one. So this scenario is possible, and yeah, Wally does have an arm on him. The Adelie parents also take turns staying with the chicks and going out to sea to feed and come back and throw it up for some chicky yummy yums, much like the Emperors, except that the Adelies nest with rocks near the sea and the Emperors nest on their feet over 70 miles inland during the Antarctic winter. :/


  1. Sev says:

    Here’s something relevant– can baby penguins swim?

  2. Kevin says:

    Wally does the most logical things – is that a bad thing?

  3. SuperVegito says:

    HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCUS!!!! That Was Funny…but seriouslt can Baby Penguins Swim? they look so feathery they look kind well….sinkable…0_0

  4. TonyAce says:

    I work on a Process Improvement team, and we’re always brainstorming for solutions to problems. I like Wally’s approach…..quick and direct (and funny)!

  5. lix says:

    oh my. I hope that baby can swim! 😐

  6. Tyler Martin says:

    They probably could swim to a degree from instinct, though they would be a weak swimmer. Those babies have a thick down. It would be like trying to swim with a huge fur coat on. Not to mention not having water repellant oil-covered feathers to keep you insulated. Wally is participating in the natural occurence of population control, of the two eggs Adelies have, usually only one of the chicks is going to make it to an adult. Actually, only 40% of all the chicks make it, it’s sad, but otherwise their would be a dangerous overpopulation of them.

    Not to worry though, the father was returning from feeding at sea right then and brought the chick back for a yummy meal. In fact in another few weeks that chicks down is replaced by feathers and he jumps into the water to swim for his first time. At which point he is quickly eaten by a Leopard Seal.

  7. Matt says:

    Hahahaha, i seriosuly laughed out loud with this strip

  8. SuperVegito says:

    oh n here i was afraid that the little chick would’nt live -_-

  9. Sev says:

    Hey, Leopard seals gotta eat, too, eh?

  10. andy. says:

    Haha. Yes this was a good one. I like Wally’s quick thinking/little reasoning techniques. Sometimes I do things like this too…

  11. Tyler Martin says:

    Actually it now calls to mind a memory from my childhood. We were home with food from a fast food place and neither my sister nor I wanted the mustard dip. We pushed it back and forth saying “you take it I don’t want it”. After a back and forth exhange like this for a few moments my Dad walked up and said, “Nobody will have it!” while simultaneously picking up the container and throwing it at the wall where it then slid down leaving a trail of mustard.

    Heh, at this point my sister and I were cracking up. Maybe subconciously this is a memory where I pulled this strip from in some roundabout way.

    Also Vegito gets bonus points for using the “Holy Sweet Whale Carcus” expletive.

  12. SuperVegito says:

    I’d Just Like Too Add A w00t here. w00t. thats prety much it. and as for wallya approach to solving problems i cant blame him… but he’s better than me at thinking. for example Once A Girl Who I Liked Asked Me Where I Was Sitting At The Movies Cause Both Of Us Were At The Movies at the same time in the same Theather and my reply was “I Was The Idiot In The Front Row” times like those make me wish i was the little penguin whos getting thrown into the icy cold water and is gonna be eaten by a leopard seal. n btw if u think that what i said said waz’nt that bad.. well heres sumthing more…after i wish her on her birthday she asks me “How’d You Remember?” and being the stuipider than wally type person i replied “I Have No Life. Its What I Do” n btw Tyler u were right.. after i said some of these things i kicked a wall and hurt my toe n Dagnabbit Saying “Holy Sweet Whale Carcus!!!” really made me feel better

  13. eight says:

    hey, I remember this joke when it was a video of three baby penguins crying at their mom for food… so she shoves one into the water.. the remaining two look at each other for a second… then start crying again.

    but hell, if you had no idea and came up with this on your own, then kudos. people seem to like it. oh, and enjoy your money! syndication must be neat!

  14. Slacker says:

    HAHAHA! Wally is so awesome! The lazy way to solve problems! Thats what I say! But that poor poor lil penguin…oh well, he’ll get over it!

    Awesome comics! Keep them up!

  15. I think this is the best one out of all of them.

  16. Zak says:

    wow, popular strip this one! 😀

    its getting funnier and funnier, ive already had to go to the loo twice 🙁

  17. The Angel says:

    I love the mother pengiun’s expression ^_^

  18. axis says:

    *smacks forehead with hand* and i thought it was impossible to be that stupid…

  19. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    If the baby can swim it will probably die of hypothermia cuz it didn’t have its waterproof feathers yet

  20. WALLY3330 says:

    i wonder where that baby penguin landed

  21. Sputnix says:

    Another bites the dust
    that makes 1 more kill to equal 6

  22. Metroplex says:

    😕 ❓ 😐 ❓ 🙂 💡 😮 ❗ :mrgreen: 😯

  23. poolfreak says:

    one word: GOLD!

  24. ukelele says:

    poor baby pengiun 😥

  25. Sally says:

    I absolutely love the facial expressions (that’s what makes it so funny to me). Especially in the last box.

  26. Alex says:

    That is so wrong in so many ways! I love it!

  27. dandudes says:

    No comment.

  28. Osbourne says:

    Ah…The Economy.

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