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: Cowboys: Two Mouths To Feed
Nov 18, 2005

If you could just do everything without thinking, that would kind of be like Wally. Actually he does think it just doesn’t take him very long.

I’m always trying to come up with relative facts to the comics but sometimes I can’t think of one or we’ve covered the stuff involved. Looking at this one, the only thing I can think of is that Adelie’s do actually lay one to two eggs as opposed to the Emperor Penguin that lays only one. So this scenario is possible, and yeah, Wally does have an arm on him. The Adelie parents also take turns staying with the chicks and going out to sea to feed and come back and throw it up for some chicky yummy yums, much like the Emperors, except that the Adelies nest with rocks near the sea and the Emperors nest on their feet over 70 miles inland during the Antarctic winter. :/