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: Cowboys: Ropin Dogies
Nov 21, 2005

The Antarctic Rodeo continues this week with Wally & Osbourne braving its wild frontier. It wouldn’t matter how big I made that seal pup’s eyes or how fuzzy I could create it in the strip, it could just never capture how darn cute they are. People should be able to adopt them and when they get big ship them back out. Maybe keep them in the tub, with some ice cubes.

This seal pup will get to be about nine feet long. I believe I mentioned it before, but the Weddell seal pups like this, when they come into the world, there mother plops them out right onto the ice to an over 100 degree temperature drop. What a startling entry into life. Speaking of a hundred…

100 Strips!

I totally forgot to mention Friday that it was the 100th comic of On the Rocks. So here’s to the next 100 strips starting with today’s. Thanks for reading. 😀