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: Cowboys: Blowin’ In the Wind
Nov 17, 2005

Wally has the idea that cowboys travel around helping people and being heroes. He must have seen some episodes of the Lone Ranger at some time. Also wrangling stuff, he knows they wrangle stuff.

All New Website & Archives!

A week ago I started switching the site over to a new publishing system. I’ve gone through every comic and added commentary to the ones that didn’t have them, also I’ve named every comic, which makes finding them in the new sortable archive really easy. You can now comment on the strips too, so why not read them through again some time, this time with added commentary and add some of your own.

The little calendar to the side there is a quick way to just go back a day or two if you missed a strip, you can actually hover over the dates to see the strips names for those days. There is a search option too, in case you wanted to search the commentary or strip titles for specific words. I’ve still got some design tweaking and stuff to add but I’m almost there. I want to make the site as pleasant and as easy to use as possible. Feel free to let me know what you think, just click the “Comments” link below. 😉