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: Book of Facts: The Wandering Albatross
Oct 31, 2005

I told you this small aircraft of a bird would be arriving in the comic. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use a narrator at any point, but I decided to finally, think of it as clippings from Wally’s copy of Antarctica’s Big Book of Facts.

My Safe Return

Yes, I am back from my much needed vacation and I had a lovely time, thank you very much. As I mentioned I went by train, and it did not derail or even hit another train head on or anything like that. As a super added bonus, guess what movie they played on the train in the lounge car. The March of the Penguins. I kid you not, I finally got a chance to see the movie I’ve been talking about but not finding the time to see. What a way to kick off my break that was. And I must say that it was extremely well done, Morgan Freeman’s voice is so comforting, comfort you need to make it through this often heart wrenching film about the Emperor Penguins painstaking nine month project of brooding and raising their young.

Also I went last night and saw Wallace & Gromit In the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. What a great film that is, it was such a refreshing change from the 3D animated stuff. They just cannot mimmick the artsy organic feel of the Wallace & Gromit world. The sets were beautiful and the expressions and body language of the characters were the best and most animated I’ve ever seen them. Just watching them move was entertaining. As I mentioned a few weeks ago they played the short film in front of it starring the penguins from Madagascar. It is soon to be Christmas and one of the penguins sees that the… now get this… Polar Bear in the zoo is sad and he wants to get him something special. It had a few funny moments but overall it was kind of dissapointing. Wallace & Gromit was great though! 🙂

And Finally, I’m glad to be back. I’ve missed Wally & Osbourne just as much as you and am excited to get new strips back on the site. This week is kind of like… bird week, of the flying variety.


  1. Me says:

    mmmmm wandering albatross…

  2. its true that osbourne falls on his heinie a lot 😀

  3. axis says:

    way yeah! haha.

  4. Kat says:

    He falls on his Heiniken?

  5. Your Mother says:

    That area must be very sensitive my now. 😕

  6. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:


  7. Osbourne says:

    I never knew Albatrosses live in Antarctica.

  8. Jenny says:

    An albatross might be fun to see, but a penguin…not so much.

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