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87: It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!
Nov 1, 2005

Imagine if all the pigeons in your town were replaced by wandering albatrosses. They could probably take out small cars.


  1. Dragoon says:


    *cough* on a professional matter, I love the use of the pen tool you’ve got in these comics. Props man.

  2. nice *thing* on wally’s head 😀

  3. axis says:

    I’d like to see one of those birds try to poop on my dad’s head. he’d probably attack them. poor bird. *scared face*

  4. wally65 says:

    BIRDY DUNG!!!!

  5. Jonah says:

    UG….. I just threw up

  6. Semakora says:


  7. someone says:

    lokk at osbornes face at last panel lolo. 😉

  8. Your Mother says:

    I wonder how long it’ll take to wash that one out? 😕

  9. ukelele says:

    HAHAHA 😯 😳 😥

  10. snowyforest says:

    One of the best of all times. 😥 😮

  11. Sally says:

    I REALLY love that look on Osbourne’s face (check out Cowboys: Two mouths to feed)

  12. Jenny says:

    Whoa…watch out for albatrosses. They might poop on you!

  13. baybay2 says:


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