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: Vacation Week
Oct 24, 2005

Vacation! All I Ever Wanted! Vacation! All I Ever Needed!

I don’t think I’ve taken a vacation in a couple years. So I am due for one, especially after all the hard work I’ve been doing lately. In addition to producing this comic I’ve had a couple other big projects going, one being a comic project for another company. And I’ve needed all my time lately to get those projects finished up to a point, not giving me the time to do an extra week of strips here, but I did get last weeks strips done ahead, because I actually left last Thursday. So I’ll be back in a few days, see, it’s not that bad. Although I went by train so if it derails or something I guess I won’t be back and you’ll know why.

If a dark cloud falls over the world because of a week without Wally & Osbourne, then I apologize because there is a small chance it might actually offset the happiness on earth. I’ll make up for it when I get back.

Also some time after I get back there should be some really big news about On the Rocks. See you in a few days! 😀