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46: BASE Jumping
Aug 29, 2005

Building (as in really tall ones), antenna (as in uninhabited towers), span (as in a bridge or arch) and earth (as in a cliff). These four words create the acronym: BASE which is specifically used in the context of BASE jumping. Which is the activity of actually jumping from the aforementioned fixed-objects and hopefully deploying a parachute before arriving at the ground below. Yeah, Osbourne and Wally obviously have no idea they are about to embark on one of the most extreme sports possible.

This is also the beginning of a short little storyline that will continue for the next few weeks or so. Don’t worry, nothing too involving.

Penguins At the North Pole?

Yesterday I saw a commercial for Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. It features a 3D polar bear selling fruit flavored gum, not like a cool ice or something, but a wild fruit flavor. He is in the north pole, there is a large pole behind him that says so, and for some reason there are penguins running around, getting their tongue stuck to the pole and stuff. Aside from zoos, there are no penguins north of the equator (edit: yes Gallapagos Penguins in the northern tip of the Gallapagos Islands are just above the equator), apparently that’s not common knowledge. I guess I just find it funny because they present it like penguins should just naturally be living near the north pole. Again, it is just a silly commercial.

I’ve gotten feedback that people like the little fact blurbs I add in my posts. I especially try to add them if it has something to do with the current comic. Wally and Osborne is not like an actual educational comic, but there’s no reason we can’t all learn some stuff as we go. I’ll continue to post those interesting tidbits here, maybe even more frequently. Hopefully Hubba Bubba’s marketing team stops by and gets the chance to learn a few things too.