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Aug 26, 2005
Leopard Seal: Special Delivery

Well, there’s some Emperor Penguins for you. They are the largest of the penguins, you’ll notice they are considerably bigger than an Adelie like Osbourne, not that the comic is totally to scale with anything. We’ll talk about them more in the future. I guess if you really want to learn a bunch about them you should check out the film “March of the Penguins” still playing in theaters, I have yet to see this, I have just been so busy but I’ve heard it is very good. They are basically the other regular penguin inhabitant of Antarctica along with the smaller Adelies. Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins also show up in Antarctica but not so much full time. All the other penguin species are further north where it is a bit warmer on the sub-Antarctic islands as wells as the southern coasts of South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.