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47: BASE Jumping: The Jump
Aug 30, 2005

That giant ice slug in the background there is a Weddell seal. Seals do not have the streamlined muscular bodies or strong front flippers like Sea Lions do. They are usually pretty sluggish once they are on land just laying in a pile of themselves basking in the sun or resting, this is especially the case with the seals of Antarctica as they have a lot extra “insulation”, and the Weddell seal probably more so than the others as it is the only mammal to make Antarctica its year round home. To do this it does spend most of its time in the water, as the water is often warmer than the air due to the wind chill factor. When a mother Weddell seal gives birth to a baby, it plops it out right on the ice, and the newborn experiences well over a shocking 100 degree instant temperature change.

Intro to Weddell Seals: