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48: BASE Jumping: Donuts
Aug 31, 2005

First to the ground… my money is on Wally.

Seal Cliff Jumping

Something I forgot to mention when the comic introduced the Weddell Seal yesterday… there actually is a cliff in Antarctica (perhaps even several unknown) with several seal corpses at the bottom. They weren’t base jumping though, not on purpose anyway, it is believed they got lost in a storm and the leader led them right off a cliff to their end. With the freezing temperatures, and no other animals around to clean the bones, or ants or anything, the corpses become mummified. It’s only the wind that eventually breaks them down after thousands of years. There are actually several locations of mummified seals and penguins, some thousands of years old, sometimes loners, that apparently lost their way, or took a wrong turn and went the opposite way of the ocean, perhaps during a bad storm. The further south or inland you get in Antarctica (closer to the pole), the colder and harsher it is.

Example of a petrified pinniped (seal) in the middle of nowhere: