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: A Rude Awakening
Dec 26, 2006

Now that’s a snow shovel.

Once again Osborne is a source of entertainment while napping. I was noticing I had a few of these strips sketched out in my notebook so I decided to add another category, “Osborne Napping” that you can sort by in the archives.

Let me know if there are any other categories that would be useful for finding strips, any other recurring gags I might have missed.

Bye Snow

Well the snow around here is pretty much melted, along with the snowmen. I did get to go sledding the other day though up to the mountain, it started off pretty nice but by the end of the day the hill was just hay and ice. There was some carnage on the slope, I would have stayed and watched some more but my toes went numb. I woke up the next day with a pretty stiff neck myself. Hope everyone who is having some sort of winter or end-of-year break is enjoying it.


  1. Maybe Wally should collect stamps!!! 😀

    Did you know…..

    Emperor Penguins have a big head, a short, thick neck, a streamlined shape, a short, wedge-shaped tail, and tiny, flipper-like wings.

  2. Carlyneese!1! says:


  3. Hermes says:

    Tyler, I admire your 3 colors and how you’re still sticking to them. The colors make this comic really unique in my experience. On that note, the orange behind Osborne in panel 3 is great 🙂

  4. just_another_penguin_lover says:

    HAHA….poor Osborne! We still dont have snow….and the weather channel keeps getting our hopes up by telling us we might have it…then it doesnt come, how disappointing is that! Why would Osborne want Wally to have a new hobby?! Hes sooo good at creating snow creatures!! Man that has to be somethin frightening to wake up to!!! Nice comic Tyler!!! Your STILL on page 1 of 72 on your book!?!? Well keep the comics coming tyler, cant wait to buy the book!!

  5. hey people
    and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
    now ur on page 2 of 72!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    it must have been really hard to get the shovel of snow to stay
    up like that..
    you’d think it would collapse cuz it was too heavy…

  6. Phizlo says:

    If I was Osborne, I would freak out too. 🙂
    Maybe Wally could sell those snowmen for a living as a hobby. 🙂
    YAY!! Page 2 of 72 is COMPLETE!!! 😀

  7. purple people eater says:

    I’d hate to wake up with that snowman next to me. Freak me out major, like Osborne! Stamp collecting thats a good one! Get Wally stamp collecting lol!
    Or selling snowmen that would be so KEWL! Then Tyler could make snowmen when there is no snow!

  8. Yay!!!You got to page two!!!! On our way to three!!!!

    And I agree with Hermes the orange in panel three is cool!!!

  9. *snort* okay, that was funny! 😎 but i think i still like the “horrific sleeping penguin” one better 🙄

  10. Panel three can definately be a T-shirt or / and screensaver!!!! 😎

    I just love that panel!!!!! :mrgreen:

    Peace 😀

  11. Cristina says:

    I think a few comics ago when wally was reading comix, he must have been reading calvin & hobbes, to get all of these ideas for evil snowmen to annoy Osborne!!! 😉

  12. I like the ones were wally makes snowmen, there always funny!

  13. Penguin Guru says:

    Wah-hoo! 2 down! &0 more to go! It’s all downhill from here man. No snow here yet. And everytime the news forcast predicts it, I don’t get my hopes up. I love these types of comics Tyler! Kepp them up please! I like the horiffic sleeping peguin too. Why did Osbornes eyes turn blue in the 3rd panel? It’s kinnda creepy…

  14. Penguin Guru says:

    Opps! I meant “70 more to go” not “&0 more to go”. Sorry.

  15. Dorlaem says:

    evil snowmen return :p

  16. Hey everyone!

    During November and December, the female digs a maternity den in a drift of snow, maintaining and enlarging the chamber as the drifts cover her, snowing her in.


  17. Ishmael says:

    Why did he’s turn blue in the third panel?

  18. BriGuy says:

    Love the third panel. I think that snowmen in the last panel is some what creepy.

    I don’t get it. The computer I’m on says that there is only one page of the book done not two. 🙁

  19. zeel says:

    LOL I love this one

    I think you need: a new home ,computer ,max ,and parachutes categories

  20. Sheena says:

    I feel a storyline of new hobbies coming on…:D WHO’S WITH ME!?

  21. Sheena says:

    Dang it smilies won’t work. 🙁

  22. Sheena says:

    Yay!! 🙂

  23. ostrich girl says:

    hasn’t Osborne learned by now not to sleep outdoors?
    hmmm…i wonder
    i know this is totally off topic but what does Osborne’s parents look like?
    Osborne has nice toes

  24. is the shovel reminisence of the snow shovel that Wally used to “jiggle” the door handle on the shed a long time ago? just wondering…

  25. Jacob The Penguin Freak says:

    osborne’s eyes change from black to blue in panel 3

  26. nicola(from the UK)bird-lover says:

    I’m still waiting for snow it’s only been absolutely BALTIC!!! (almost fell off of chair)

    Wally’s Scary Snowman looks across between the snow man video from the selling snowmen comic (22nd December) and a snow version of Wally w/shovel comic Mercy (dunno how you do hyperlink thing)

  27. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    Hermes, technically there are four colors, orange, blue, white, and black. Five if you count the different shades of orange.

    Funny comic, Osborne looks funny in the third pannel because of his white- blue eyes. Oops! that’s another color!

  28. Jamie (I looove penguins) says:

    OSBOURNES face!…..I just adore reading these!:)

  29. i think osbournes eyes changed from fright.:)

  30. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    Snow shovels come up alot, maybe you sould do a snow shovel catagory.

  31. why is wally so EVIL???? 😥 pikmin weird and is copied off of Pokemon. Pokemon ruuuules!!!!! 😈 bwa ha ha ha ha! 👿

  32. here is your daily obvious penguin fact!!!!!!
    penguins are so cute!

    nice comic!

  33. Oh my gosh…….*rolls on floor laughing while trying to breathe!*

  34. Sheena says:

    Snow shovel… :mrgreen: Once more, putting him out of his misery

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