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: Selling Snowmen
Dec 22, 2006

I wonder if you even get a couple rocks or a carrot with that kit. Those crazy kids. I think I’ll market that idea, a build-it-yourself snowman kit. It would be a plastic bag of water with a few rocks in it. The instructions would start off by putting the water in your freezer…

After all the snow we got here, and the talk of snowmen the other day, I added a snowman category and went through the archives tagging all the comics featuring snowmen (mostly Wally’s little homemade friends). So I thought I’d do a snowman strip today. As I was going through the archives I was noticing the little penguin juvie salesmen, so I created a Penguin Juvie Stand category too. That gave me the idea to make today’s comic, which covers both categories (in the archives, sort by Category to view comics in those categories).

And on that note, let’s enjoy a classic piece of animation called The Snow Man. Possibly the creepiest snowman cartoon ever. You’ll notice the penguins in it, because you know, in cartoons and commercials all the arctic creatures live at BOTH poles.

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  1. those youngins need to stay theyre hilarious! 😆 😀 thats not even enough snow to build a snowman 🙂

  2. This is just so funny. “Do it yourself kits” usually arent that worth it. but this is just….lol!
    I’m suprised my comments accually go through!

  3. I wonder why osbourne even checks out what thosee juvies are selling! Well i’m glad he does because those comics are always funny!

  4. Jenny says:

    Yes, juvenile stands can be a little too confusing once in a while.

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