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: A Book About the Arctic
Feb 28, 2006

Well, Wally is always lugging around and reading from his “Antarctica’s Big Book of Facts” book, it was time for Osbourne to have one, and learn a bit more about Wally. Or at least how science thinks Wally should be.

In the archives you can sort by category and read all the Book of Facts strips as they will be listed under that category, I’ll list this new book with these strips as well.

BFF WallpaperPolar Bear Day feels like it was only yesterday… I guess that’s because it was, but what better way to commemorate it than with the requested wallpaper of the strip. I owe you guys a few new wallpapers, so I was thinking this one was a good start.

Penguin Cam Update

I had mentioned the penguin cam the other day for the final time in the season and that it looked like it was having some technical difficulties. Here’s word from Martin that’s been running the project:

“There were no technical difficulties, after the end of the brood activities the crew members decided to dismantle the cam over the winter. Me and the cam sponsors original plan was just to turn the cam towards the glaciers and leave it online nonstop (had been quite good scenery). Now it’s too late to change anything and penguin cam 2 has a set hibernating phase into the containers. The whole crew has gone and we are alone with the three cams… The plan is to have the second penguincam running again from October 2006.”

For those of us in the northern hemisphere we are just getting through winter, but down in Antarctica it is just coming. Most of the people working their in the research field leave during the winter, most of the penguins do too, to dissapear into the open sea, except the emperor penguins because they are insane.

I’ll be sure to update you in October when things get moving again for the Antarctic Summer. They zoom the camera in on a nest there at the gentoo penguin colony and you can follow the brooding process in real time. It looks like a german language only site but there are many active english speaking people on the shoutbox there. So until October you might want to check out the gallery and maybe peak in on occasion to see any of the changes that happen in winter.

As for On the Rocks, don’t worry, its always summer and Wally & Osbourne aren’t going anywhere. Although several months of black strips would be an easy vacation for me…


  1. Alexander says:

    Heh, nice comic 😉

    By the wya I was just wondering you ever thought of translating the comic, like getting some fans of yours to translate it for you or something like that. It would contribute to the popularity 😉

  2. DeMilburn says:

    Great comic again mate.

    Did u see my topic in ur forum?

    Anyway, keep up the good work mate, im a massive fan 🙂

  3. Sten says:

    Hehe, awesome comic, keep it up

  4. Ashley says:

    yesterdays comic touched my heart, and todays was wonderful too! Love ur comics man! 😉 😀

  5. Tyler Martin says:

    Yeah Alexander, that would be great. Maybe some day, would take a lot of work for people to take the time to translate the comics and make sure the humor of the wording is carried over.

    Saw yer post DeMilburn.

    Thanks Sten and Ashley.

  6. Kevin says:

    At least we know that Wally can also write as well as read. Crayon eh…..

  7. bobo says:

    was that the same Crayon that he used for the sign,and i thought today was Polar Bear Day.

  8. bobo says:

    opps,i ment ?

  9. Zara says:

    “A Book about the Artic” eh? Not exactly what I would call an original title.

  10. waffle_man says:

    don’t worry ill a fact sheet with blllllrublblrublbub *melts*

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