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: He’s Just A Little Guy
Mar 1, 2006

It’s been long argued whether the Kodiak bear or the polar bear are the largest. Depends how you look at it I guess. The Kodiak is a subspecies of the brown bear, and the polar bear is closely related to the brown bear. The largest Kodiak bear from the wild was 2,500 lbs and there are records of them reaching 13 feet tall (wellfed in a zoo a bear like that can reach over 3,000 lbs). The largest polar bear on record was 12 feet tall and weighed 2,200 lbs. On average though, male Kodiak bears stand taller whereas polar bears weigh quite a bit more.

LiveJournal Users

Just a reminder to new readers, there is a LiveJournal feed for On the Rocks. If you have LiveJournal, add Wally & Osbourne to your friends list, come on, don’t be embarrassed.

CorelDRAW X3

Well, I had been trying out the demo and I finally went and bought the upgrade so I now have the latest and greatest software that I use to do this comic. Nothing like a box of new software, the shiny CD’s and crisp books, that stinky smell of printer chemicals. I usually learn the basics to a software program, get the newer versions with new bells and whistles, but still just use the basic stuff I know. So basically new versions just make it more complicated for me, heh. I think I’ll learn some of the advanced features on this though, it’s even got some video tutorials and stuff. Maybe learn some tricks and shortcuts to make my work quicker and better.

I could do the comic in some other program, or my other styles, but I just like it the way it is. There’s just some magic in it you can’t understand. That I can’t understand. We paid some people to understand it but they were fired last week.

Corel was actually just in the news, could be a good move or exposure for them. They’ve been around a long time but have had some rough times. The article referred to Corel as “ever-scrappy”. Heheh, those little scrappers. I like supporting the underdog. They are usually cheaper and work harder to be more competitive.

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