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: Polar Bear Day!
Feb 27, 2006

Oh… cuts to the heart… let me just collect myself for a moment…

Yes indeed, today is International Polar Bear Day. I’m not sure when the holiday officially started or why, but here it is. If you know or have some incredible research skills then feel free to enlighten us. Either way, it’s stinking International Polar Bear Day! …and there’s a Polar Bear in this comic. If you’re at work tell your boss and head home, it’s a holiday! Do it for Wally!

Bonus Polar Bear Day Comic at PVP Online

That’s right; I did another Polar Bear day comic for you to read over at PVP Online. If you are not a regular reader of that comic, there is a recurring gag where a panda randomly attacks one of the main characters; I thought it was time for a polar bear to get in on some of that action. Click here to go read it. (If you’ve only followed my On the Rocks work then yeah.. the first thing you’ll notice is the different style.)

Polar Bears & Global Warming In the News Review

With the threat of global warming, and it being a topic in the news a lot lately, polar bears also have made several headlines as it threatens there habitat in an immediate way. I always try link these when they happen, but being Polar Bear Day and all, here’s a review of polar bears and global warming news (kind of reminds us the seriousness of the issue):

December 9, 2005: “The United States found itself alone Friday in resisting any new international talks to address Earth’s warming climate…”
— Washington Post

The US is responsible for 25% of the world’s harmful greenhouse gas emissions. I’ve read that nearly 30% of that can be attributed to our vehicles.

December 11, 2005: “Killer whales – or orcas, as they are sometimes known – have overtaken polar bears at the head of the toxic table.”
— BBC News

You’re at high risk of contamination when you’re at the top of the food chain in a polluted environment.

December 15, 2005: “Three environmental groups sued the federal government Thursday, seeking to protect polar bears from extinction because of disappearing Arctic sea ice.”
— Associated Press

The article is no longer available to the general public, but it happened, I was there!… in spirit.

December 19, 2005: “Drowning Polar Bears worry researchers.”

Polar bears can swim great distances, and have to as spring comes to get the most of their hunting season in on the ice, but with less ice those gaps become too great.

January 11, 2006: “Frog Killer Is Linked to Global Warming”
— NY Times

Guess it’s not just the polar bears seeing an immediate threat.

January 19, 2006: “Whale birth decline tied to global warming.”
— National Geographic

This is due to rising sea surface temperature, which can also end up having a more global impact. The ocean is an important part of the environment on a planet that’s 71% covered with water.

January 30, 2006: “It can no longer be denied: A rapidly growing world population and the industrialization and economic growth that comes with it is setting the stage for an environmental catastrophe…”
— Wired News


February 3, 2006: “Global Warming Boosting Greenland glacier flow.”

Greenland’s ice sheet contains one-tenth of the world’s freshwater reserves. “Even a rise of three degrees could result in cataclysmic species loss, melting polar icecaps raising sea levels by many meters and wholescale famine and disease.”

February 10, 2006: “Polar Bears Being Considered For US Endangered List”
— National Geographic

When an animal is listed as endangered then there habitat must be protected. That means pollution contributing to global warming would have to be curbed, and that’s good for all of us.

February 11, 2006: “Greenhouse gas market to slow global warming.”

At least we are ending on good notes… an international treaty to curb global warming: the Kyoto Protocol. Unfortunately the US and Australia still don’t think it’s worth it and are not participating.

February 22, 2006: “Greenland starts hunting quota to save polar bears.”
— Associated Press

Well there you go, not hunting so many of them would be one way to help keep their numbers. The brilliance of it!

Polar Bear Cam

Okay, after all that lets end it with a fun link to San Diego Zoo’s Polar Bear cam as well as a reposting of that home video with the swimming polar bear and music. I just love how he looks over at that seal tank. Have a great Polar Bear Day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Zack says:

    Tried to find out more about it on Wikipedia, but of course they dont have an entry about it 🙁

    BTW, good job with your comics… I like this style more than PVP…

  2. phil says:

    “best friends forever”… how cute :p

  3. Mute says:

    Darn it… No Klondike bars!

  4. Lil says:

    Let’s make everyday Polar Bear Day!…and Pengin Day….and Dog Day….and Horse Day …and Cat Day….and Kangaroo Day……etc.,etc,…..I just love them all, don’t you? Cheers to ‘best buds forever’!

  5. Julie says:

    Tyler, saw your guest spot over at I thought it was pretty good. Wanted to let you know.


  6. Sten says:

    Awww….so cute! so heart touching *in tears* I’m okay….reallly*Sniff* no I’m not! *sob*

  7. Kristin says:

    Omg, that was so sweet!!!

  8. Mackenzie says:

    THATS SO CUTE…….and so sad to

  9. Mute says:

    This is prrobably the most touching moent we’ll ever see in on the rocks… and I really was expecticg it to end in some sort of impending joke. Don’t we all?

  10. Mute says:

    As long as there’s no double-posting rule on this site, I’d like to point something out. Antartica’s a given in this comic, I know… and it wouldn’t be anything without Antartica. But there’s a very small list of characters. It’s just my opiniton, but some more interactivity with just about anything outside Wally and Osbourne could provide a small boost for on the rocks.

  11. BriaN says:

    I feel like such a doof! I thought that international polar bear day was tomorrow, so I went around telling everyone that it was tomorrow. I had plans too, now I need a klondike bar. I made this little psuedo-patch of Wally and Osboune hugging of course the on the rocks logo and copyright mark, year and name are on there… so is that cool if I put that on my jacket?

  12. Dad says:

    I’m sorry I called Wally a moron. Even though I was just kidding . You really got to me Wally…… I love you man ….

  13. TheBassicBassist says:

    Dude, this is the best comic strip yet, I’ve been reading since the beginning and this one takes the cake man, way to go!!!

  14. YoSis says:

    This truly is a Klondike Moment…..seeing Wally’s fat lil body hugging Osbourne is the cutest thing I have seen since Max. Your PVP guest comic is fabulous, you blow my mind with your talent! I’m proud to be a fan…it takes alot of dedication to keep a site up and running but to have the quality, creativity and just plain crisp clean eye candy you provide us is just palin SCRUMPTILECENT! Okay enough ego stroking…I do agree with Mute on the whole adding some new faces thing but you knew that already. Hows about making that hug scene a Comeon we need new downloads do it for the little people …ha ha…okay did I lay it on thick enough sorry still a lil emotional from the comic..heh. Seriously though OntheRocks ROCKS!

  15. Ashley says:

    awww how sweet! and touching!

  16. Bridg8 says:

    I like PVP!, although I don’t get to read it very often. Nice guest strip!! 😀 I thought it a great tribute to your style when Scott did his next strip. 😀

    I love this strip! Thanks again for sharing Wally & Osbourne with us.

  17. Izzieluv says:

    that was sooo cute

  18. Izzieluv says:

    I love it! I’s so sweet I have the picture of them hugging as my wallpaper!

  19. bobo says:

    thats deep real nice.

  20. Adam says:

    that PVP was what got me reading on the rocks. so kudos.

  21. :-) ;-) says:

    awww, that’s so cute, that’s my new desktop background 😀

  22. Poppy says:

    Wally 🙂 and Osbourne 😯 It is really sweet!

  23. Poppy says:

    Ahh look, Osbourne is crying!

  24. nananabatman! says:

    Wally is really thoughtful 😥

    so sweet
    trully touching

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