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Jun 12, 2006
Tourists: Closer Look

I guess Wally had that coming after chucking a rock at them previously. They really wouldn’t be expecting to see a polar bear in Antarctica, and Wally would nearly be unrecognizable as one with his short stature and odd physique.

I had mentioned how cost helps be a factor in keeping tourism down in Antarctica. You may have noticed some of the Google ads on the site here advertising Emperor Penguin Voyages for well over 8,000 dollars. So yeah, it’s going to be for the serious tourists, but what an experience. Probably runs a bit higher to see the emperors since you are going at a more difficult time of the season and deeper into Antarctica than the cruises that just hit the outer peninsula and islands.

Also I had mentioned people wanting more extreme visits to Antarctica, including skiing. I enjoy myself some skiing, but skiing in Antarctica, that would be insane, all that snow and no trees! It would be quite the trip to survive. And on that note… check out this Antarctica skiing footage complete with an 80’s rock soundtrack…


Also… “Penguins Is Serious” shirts available soon!

  • Just want to say that I love the comics! They brighten my day.

  • Jonathan

    For those that read other webcomics, today’s (June 12) Dorktower may prove an amusing one for On the Rocks fans… scroll down to the middle.

  • sweet! the shirts are coming soon! 😀

  • BriGuy

    About a min. before the skiing clip ended, when the people were walking, I thought it looked like they were waddling like penguins.

  • Anonymous

    i thought they might have run for it not throw stuff at it

  • Anonymous

    the last it was supposed to be him

  • Athena

    *sob* poor wally. ah well, at least he knows how it feels to have something that is the equivalent of a frozen water ballon thrown at him. osbourne’s probably rejoicing.heh.

  • Hannah

    In the video, at the part with the Gentoo penguins,
    it looked like they were singing. 😯

    I think that Wally deserved that.
    I mean it seems like Osbourne always gets beat up….. 🙄

  • Hannah

    awesome the shirts are comin!

  • son of a b****! yelling crap like that at wally.stupid hell torists. yeah the shirts are comeing!

  • Guru

    Great video. You have to love the straight skis, flailing arms, and tight, one-piece powder suits. style.

  • izzieluv

    poor wally

  • LIKE ME!

  • BriGuy

    How do you get the pictures of Wally and Osbourne in your comments?

  • Spuyvsspy00

    Stupid bloody tourists yelling at Wally like that! Humans are such dorks sometimes

  • I guss wally got pay back for what he did the other day, huh. :/

  • Ace


  • Ricardo

    👿 😎 LOL these comics are kool!

  • WOW! We learned two things! 1: Tyler has the guts to say the swear word, crap. 2: Tourists are really dumb, they don’t know a mutated seal from a polar bear!

  • Wally looks nothing like a polar bear look at the polar bear training saga