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Dec 29, 2006
Big Head

It doesn’t always pay to be right.

There is an age old building plan of snowmen, biggest ball of snow goes on the bottom and they get gradually smaller as you work to the head. Wally has gone against centuries of standardized snowman architecture.

Let It Snow!

I decided to do another snowman comic today because the snow is back, and back with a vengeance, it started snowing this morning, it’s now late afternoon and it hasn’t let up. I got like a foot deep pile on my front step.

In global warming news, a 25 square-mile ice shelf just broke off of the Canadian Arctic. It’s snowing here in the desert, and ice is just melting away at the arctic. Also, polar bears are now a step closer to the US Endangered Species list.

Hope you had a good 2006. I’m leaving you with a chilling clip from 1982’s animated classic, “Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman” (which stays true to that unwritten commercial/cartoon rule, there will be penguins at the north pole).

See you next year!

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  • io

    YES! first coment! cool comic

  • 2nd comment yes!

  • Mikko

    Ah, the snowman.. Comes every year, every christmas eve in Finland.

    Poor Osbourne though :

  • OrAnGe JuIcE

    I’ve been in Osborn’s position before. It’s cold, so very cold.

  • Ishmael

    NOT COOL!!! :-

  • hey people
    do you like my extended name?
    that snowman’s head is as big as its butt.
    i guess Wally has never stood on his tippy toes before,
    but i didn’t know he had black pads on his feet.

  • Zara

    Looks like Wally got Osborne back for that Knock-knock joke. Wonder if this will start a never ending cycle of revenge…

  • Xavier

    Did Wally laugh because he thought his head would hold on… Or because he knew it wouldn’t?

  • I don’t think Wally is smart enough to do a plan like thaet, so I think he laughed, because he thought it would stay on. This is funny Tyler. It still hasn’t snowed here yet, but over here, in Germany, the colder months are in January and Febuary. Your name is too long to understand easily Hannah! I had to stop and think about it!

  • *sigh* i miss snow.
    great strip as always tyler.

  • BriGuy

    Who… Good plan even though it was probably unintentional.

    Wally seems to have a thing about weired snowmen. This one kind of looks like a bobble head.

  • It is STILL snowing here. We are under like feet of snow. The roads are shut off pretty much in any direction. 😯

  • Penguinman23 Penguins r sweet


    Wait did i say that right?!?!?

    Cool name hannah!

    the BIG 13th Comment!

  • Canadian Mooseman

    awesome! You put in a book progress bar thing!

  • Cristina

    i like ur name hannah but i think it should be Hannah the penguiniEST penguin freak of all penguin freaks.

    ha 8)

  • Sheena

    Wait a minute, this could start a REVENGE storyline!! YAT!! :mrgreen:

  • Sheena

    Sorry, I meant YAY!!

  • snow! I want it… the last time it snowed in Holland was last year in march I think, one of the two times it snowed…

    there fell a staggering 6 cm of snow! must be a record…

  • Mac

    I live in Houston, Texas, U.S.A and we get snow about every 15 years, and even then it is only about 2 and a half inches thick. It snowed in ’04 and we made a FOOT TALL SNOWMAN!!! And, snowball fights were painful because the snow was pretty much white ice. When you threw it at someone it felt like those frozen waterballoons hitting you. I have felt Osborne’s pain. Im a frequent reader of Tyler’s because because it does my heart good to see SOMEONE (even if they ARE animals) is enjoying the snow (except for Osborne in the last panel). *sigh* *sniff* *cry* *wail* Also, please dont be afraid to visit my site!!!!!!

  • Mac

    Dorlaem, I feel your pain.

  • Cristina

    sorry to all of the people who don’t get snow.
    πŸ™ πŸ˜₯

  • hey people
    christina thats a good idea
    AND NOW MY NAME IS EVEN LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mac, is that the bitter taste of irony I see there? :p

  • io

    we aren’t getting snow either, last time was year before last, and only 3 inches.

  • Sarah

    we usually get alot of snow by now but because of global warming we didn’t have anything big (just little flurries here and there that didn’t even stick) and it’s in the 50’s right now when it’s supposed to be in the 30’s.

  • I’m on a skiing trip right now, but guess what… there’s no snow! There’s only some good snow high in the mountains. Oh well. Hannah, I wouldn’t be so sure. I love penguins so much, I’m going into Antarctic exploration when I grow up! Plus I painted my room to look like an Antarctic tundra and drew penguins on the walls! So what do you have to show?

  • We’ve got a lot of ads up there today!

  • in the last panel the snowman looks like a hillbilly πŸ˜† any1 planning to see the simpsons movie and harry potter 5 and fantastic4 rise of the silver surfer? theyre all good πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  • hey people
    and Penguin Guru, how many times have you seen Happy Feet?
    when did you learn about Happy Feet?
    how many stuffed penguins do you have?
    are you known by every single kid in the school as the Penguinator, Penguin Freak or Penguin Girl?
    Do you have a penguin phone?
    can you say penguin in 5 different languages?
    do you have a penguin “shrine” in your locker?

    i could ask you more questions but i dont want to just take up space…

  • You better watch it Hanah, as you know I AM Penguin Guru’s sister, and I don’t really care about polar bears, I just thought it was a good idea. I really enjoy Pirates. And since you have put me in such a bad mood, NO FACT!

  • Sorry for taking up space, I just don’t like it when people make fun of my brother.

  • Phizlo

    Wally took revenge with another one of his snowmen. πŸ™‚ Looks like Osborne needs to think of some other plan to spoil Wally. πŸ™‚

  • nicola(from the uk:D)((who loves all birds))(((who is not trying to compete in the longest name thing or whatever :D )))

    lemme say still no snow only RAIN! Also freezing my butt off at the moment, W_O_W Hannah you are a freak A PENGUIN FREAK :D:D:D (didnt mean ANY offense ok:D)

    ~I LOVE ALL BIRDS~ (and Final Fantasy 7 :D:D:D)

  • io

    whats with the big names? and whats with the “sorry for taking up space thing? if you have something worth a comment, don’t bother apologizing for taking up space.

  • It’s 2007!!! I can here the fireworks!!! Sorry for skipping facts πŸ™

    I’d post a fact but I am busy. My mom is calling….. gotta go. Since I didn’t post for a while I will have a paragraph for everyone tomorrow!!! promise……. πŸ˜€

  • zeel

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!8-)8-)8-)

  • PG-13

    07 oh yeah baby

  • I learned about Happy Feet from the comecials on March of the Penguins, which I own also. I’ve seen it many times. I have 12 penguin dolls. I got a lot of them this Christmas. Everybody I know at school calls me “Penguin”. I don’t even have a cell phone. My locker is stuffed with penguins pictures and articles about them. And all of my current events at school are about penguins! In your face! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • pengui guru i have seen happy feet i own march of the penguins i have 13 penguin dolls.everyone in my neborhood and school call me super penguin. i have pasted 189 pictures of penguins on my wall and i have a penguin backgroung and screensaver for my computer. plus almost every sentence i say in life has penguin in it. IN YOUR FACE! P.S happy new year

  • i also have a penguine shrine hannah but it is not in my locker

  • Hey nicole i dont want to use your whole name but i like birds to! πŸ™‚ i even have 5 birdfeeders for them! i live in texas and like 5 times a blue jay has come or a house finch or purple finch (all of which dont even come here but it was cool) πŸ˜‰ but yeah i also like hawks and eagles and vultures when i go out of town i see tons of hawks! πŸ˜€ well wanted to share that woth u! πŸ˜€

  • What is it with you people? Why is everyone competing with penguin stuff? Why can’t we all like penguins together? I know that we all love penguins, but why compete for the one that loves them the most?

    Peace ( no seriously you guys need it)

    I will not give the paragraph fact until the next comic since everyone is being mean.

  • Smilies






  • Smilies





  • Lee

    No snow in England but lots of wind. Many New Year celebrations literally got blown out.

  • Phizlo

    It hasn’t snow one bit in MA since November!! >:( It’s making me mad. I can’t believe it. NO SNOW!!! πŸ™ >:(

  • It doesn’t snow at all in California….. at least in the area I live in. Otherwise there is snow, just not where I am. πŸ™

    I saw the fireworks! πŸ˜›

    This comis is so funny, but it is getting old.

    I am going to go to club penguin. :mrgreen:

  • jde78439

    It doesn’t snow at all in Queensland either because it is so close to the equator. The weather in Australia has been most unusual, the last week of Spring felt like summer, the first few weeks of December (Summer) were like Spring. The climate slowly changed from spring to summer and just after a hot 32° C (90°F) Christmas Day, Summer turned into Winter, with temperatures not getting much higher than 21°C (70°F) with some of the southern states getting snow! In the middle of Summer! The New Year came with Spring trmperatures of about 26°C(80°F). I don’t thiink the comic is getting old at all and I like Hannah’s new name.

  • jde78439

    Oh, I forgiot to say that all Temperatures mentioned are from Brisbane, Australia

  • hey peoples
    and Emy, dont freak out im not making fun of your brother.
    im just trying to prove a point.
    and, i have about 80 stuffed penguins and i learned about Happy Feet about a year before it came out.
    i have a special holiday for penguins, (Penguin Day of course)
    and I have re-written the lyrics of many songs to make them penguin songs.
    i have a penguin book library in my locker and tons of penguin pictures and stuff.
    so IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!