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: Wuhchoo!
Dec 13, 2006

I think it’s a definite yes on the tissue. Wally knows he’s not suppose to stare at the sun.

Don’t act like this has never happened to you. An unexpected, explosive sneeze with no tissue in site. The best you can do is shield the blow from innocent objects and bystanders with your bare hands. The next step is figuring out how to deal with the aftermath.

I rarely get a cold and don’t have allergies so sneezing isn’t something I do often. I actually enjoy having a good sneeze, something about it, maybe the rush of it. The sun does get me though, really bright sun will trigger a sneeze for me. I’ve been told that the sinus nerves are all interlaced with eye nerves there in the skull so when the eye nerves freak out it carries over to the… um… sneeze nerves.

No Wally did not kill the penguins yesterday, they pull through. I actually had a couple more comics in the discipline series to do but I got bored and felt like doing this strip instead that I had written out in my little notebook. Some days you just feel like drawing some good old snot.

With talk of the sun, I feel like reposting that one year Antarctica time lapse video filmed at the McMurdo Station and Scott Base. There at the south pole the sun stays up in the sky circling for nearly half the year.