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: The Thrill
Dec 15, 2006

I think we learn the rush of thrill at a young age. I have a toddler niece that is a real thrillseeker. An adrenaline junkie. Like there is no consequence, I’m not sure if she doesn’t learn or doesn’t care. But she would jump off the house if you let her.

Antarctic Dinosaur Found

A Plesiosaur fossil was recently found on Vega Island off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was a four-finned aquatic prehistoric creature (like the one many think is swimming around even today in Scotland’s Loch Ness). Apparently it was a five-foot-long baby, and is one of the best preserved Plesiosaur RenderingPlesiosaur skeletons ever found. Back when it was swimming the seas, the area’s climate was tropical. It’s speculated that it died and was well preserved from the debris of a volcanic eruption (remember, there was a lot of volcanic activity around Antarctica, contributing to the black rock you often see contrasting the white ice and snow in many photos). You can read a full article from ABC, Reuters or the Associated Press.


  1. Ace says:

    NO MORE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sheena says:

    Hey Tyler, can YOU speak another language?

  3. Sheena says:

    Wow, 116 comments! That has got to be the most comments ever!! Hey OrAnGe JuIcE, you haven’t shown up since the first few comics. Glad to have you back.

  4. zeel says:

    one had like 300

  5. Penguin Guru says:

    EVERYBODY STOP!!!! Look, I know it’s fun, but we’re spaming the comment section. I have to, but It’s gotten to out of hand. I propose, Tyler, that whenever thecomments reach 100, you either disable comments for that comic, or start a new comment page and delete all these old ones. I think that’s the best soulution.

  6. Bonjour à tous !
    Votre fait d’ours blanc est :
    Les ours blancs peuvent sentir le joint de glace qui sont environ 20 milles de distance.
    Grand Tyler comique !


    Hello everyone!
    Your polar bear fact is:
    Polar bears can smell ice seals about 20 miles away.
    Great comic Tyler!

  7. zeel says:

    yes penguin guru is right I second that movement

    comic funy not having another is boring new comic ples 48 hors befor I leve and never come bake (that is a thret)

  8. Penguin Guru says:

    Thanks for backing me up zeel.

  9. New Guy says:

    I have an idea for a new storyline, its where wally goes to sleep for a long long time and he has dreams of his childhood in the North Pole and of how he got to Antarctica.

  10. zeel says:

    hay new guy I once had that idea to I second that movement

    p.s. thancs penguin guru

  11. Sheena says:

    Emy, tu (ou vous) parle francais aussi? C’est tres bein!! 😀
    Wait a minut, SOME COMMENTS GOT DELETED!! 🙁

  12. Mic says:

    Phizlo(Philip) and I has a Spanish dictionary

  13. Cristina says:

    I second the movement too.
    wait, i third the movement,
    no that doesn’t make sence either,
    well you get the idea.
    and i propose a movement for fan art.

  14. zeel says:

    I second THAT movement to and I first a movement for a wally and osborn club so we can sign in to do cool extra stuf!!!!!!!

  15. Ishmael says:

    in French:
    Pourquoi ils devoir ? oh et l’arrêt spamme !

  16. ill email every1 an ecard if they want me 2!

    p.s.- wally p. bear: i got ur xmas card!

  17. EP says:

    I agree with panguin Guru!

    I second it!!!

    (sorry 4 spamming. kinda had 2)

  18. cliquer sur poste nom étre coup héliporté club penguin!!!

  19. EP says:

    oops mean’t Penguin Guru… that mistake is pretty ironic considering that panguin is part if my “name”!

  20. EP says:

    kayla i want an e-card

  21. zeel says:

    I wald like an E-card

  22. Penguin Guru says:

    Wow! Thanks for agreeing everybody. I also am with the fan art, a W&O club, amd I want and e-card. I think Tyler has already told us he’ll e doing an actual comic book about how Wally got to the S.P. We just have to be patiant, but that dream idea isn’t that bad. You might want to consider it Tyler. It would be easier.

  23. zeel says:

    you have 24 hoers for new comic or I leve

  24. u nol zeel it takes tyler a long time to make 1. `he probably has more important things 2 do.

  25. STILLL NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT TYLER !!!!!!!!!!! AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:0

  26. sreiously tyler not funny not fast enough?. are you in a writers slump?

  27. every1 that wants an ecard u have to give me your email address (except zeel, i already no his!) there is no way i can send u an ecard unless u give me your email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  28. qtpa2tnh says:

    P.L.20 , I’ll take an e-card !

  29. Rhuarc says:

    A better way to handle the comment spamming would be to limit the number of responses one person can make to the comment section, by email address. So, once you post 5 comments with one email address, you are not allowed to post any more comments. This is a nice deterrent for spamming.


  30. Nicky-nack says:

    I know this is off-comic but has anyone seen Eragon???? I seen it on friday 15th december(my nana’s birthday) also the day when it was released in the UK (im from da UK)

    IT’S ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME, A MUST-HAVE FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, I started reading the comics on‘cos I was bored) then when I was reading it i fell in love… WITH PENGUINS!!!!! I have been reading since then and I even bookmarked both sites!!!

    ALL HAIL WALLY AND OSBORNE!!!!!!!!! sorry:D

  31. Anish says:

    You CANNOT tell me you aren’t referencing calvin and hobbes here ! u rule ! 😛

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