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: The Thrill
Dec 15, 2006

I think we learn the rush of thrill at a young age. I have a toddler niece that is a real thrillseeker. An adrenaline junkie. Like there is no consequence, I’m not sure if she doesn’t learn or doesn’t care. But she would jump off the house if you let her.

Antarctic Dinosaur Found

A Plesiosaur fossil was recently found on Vega Island off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was a four-finned aquatic prehistoric creature (like the one many think is swimming around even today in Scotland’s Loch Ness). Apparently it was a five-foot-long baby, and is one of the best preserved Plesiosaur RenderingPlesiosaur skeletons ever found. Back when it was swimming the seas, the area’s climate was tropical. It’s speculated that it died and was well preserved from the debris of a volcanic eruption (remember, there was a lot of volcanic activity around Antarctica, contributing to the black rock you often see contrasting the white ice and snow in many photos). You can read a full article from ABC, Reuters or the Associated Press.