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: When He’s Not Looking
Jul 27, 2006

Great googly eyes! I think I’ve grown fond of that pitiful little penguin, I decided to give him a few more appearances in the comic and just maybe I’ll bring him back from time to time… if you are able to tolerate looking upon him again.

What’s With the Updates?

I’d like to say that I’ve been at Comic-Con for the extended weekend, but that was not the case. At least Osborne found a way to make it there without me… on a shirt. (thanks Gilead). So I’ve missed the con two years in a row now, when I started the comic last year I had hoped I might be able to have a table and book there by this year, but the book is still in development anyway, so maybe I’ll see some of you there by next year.

In actuality, I’ve just been real busy with projects. When you guys post, “when’s the next comic?!” I don’t mind, let’s me know the comic is loved. I feel bad it is not being updated so regularly this Summer. But I have these other people that are saying, “where’s that completed project?!”. I think as my readers you guys are my favorite, but these other people throw the money to pay the bills my way so they win this round. 🙂

I went into the comic as a side project. I seemed to be able to keep up with them in my spare time. But they seem to take me longer to write and create these days. Maybe I’m more involved in it and giving it more love. So that combined with less spare time has cost the updates a bit. Hopefully many of you are out enjoying the summer anyway. I don’t know how though, it is so hot out there. Once I finish up the workload I have right now I will try and balance future projects with time for the comic.

In conclusion, the updates will be back up to five days a week soon. Thanks for sticking around and reading!


  1. Dorlaem says:

    there was a article about a polar bear in the dutch paper today =p
    roughly translated it said: a wind turbine has been used to simulate a snow blizzard, to give the polar bear an as natural as possible habitat to live in

    source: eindhovens dagblad

  2. izzieluv says:

    *shock* i can’t belive veggitarian wally would do that

  3. Penguin Freak (Hannah) says:

    hey everyone!
    sorry the penguin and polar bear facts
    aren’t coming daily anymore,
    but my sister just got married
    and it’s been really hectic.
    im glad you guys are enjoying them.
    well anyway, today’s fact:

    the Macaroni penguin is the smallest
    of the crested penguins.

    and hey ed, are you ed as in
    someone i have no idea who you are
    or ed as in Emily DeFord?

    i’ll get back to the daily penguin facts being daily, sorry.

  4. FunnyBunny says:

    Actually, one of my best friends does a terrifyingly good impression of this poor penguin, i have found the human version! Love the comic!

  5. oh that scrawny penguin is so pitiful!!! *tear*

  6. Penguin Luvr 20 says:

    poor little penguin! 🙁

  7. Hello from the future! says:

    how did he get the rocks in the first place?

  8. ed says:

    i doubt you’ll see this now Hannah, i don’t usually look at the comments, but i am ed as in Emily DeFord

    Hello from the future, i bet that a couple of tender-hearted penguins took pity on him and gave him the rocks.

  9. Hello from the future! says:

    that’s a great idea ed, but i have another question.

    How did he keep the rocks?

  10. ed says:

    ummm…. i don’t know

  11. Hello from the future! says:

    maybe we’ll find out

  12. Alex says:

    Oh that poor little penguin!

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