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: Underwear That’s Barely There
Apr 12, 2006

Running around Antarctica in our underwear is an experience few of us will ever partake in.

Your Mom Reads On the Rocks

Well, she might anyway. I forgot to mention that On the Rocks is being syndicated to yet another site. FamilyEducation has a new feature called “Mom’s Coffee Break” which has a comics section now featuring On the Rocks along with For Better Or For Worse and Cathy.

On the Rocks also appears at Funbrain, a children’s edutainment site. It’s a kid friendly site if you want to allow younger viewers to read the comic there since I can’t make promises as to any of the content I might link to here. Also they have a pretty cool Flash penguin game there in the arcade where you fire snowballs out of a cannon at other parachuting penguins to keep them from landing on, overcrowding, and sinking your ice flow.

Computer Troubles

I’ve been having some problems with crashes, random system reboots and file corruption. Now I can’t even open any of my file folders without it crashing. I could barely do the comic. I got everything safely backed up to DVD’s, so today I will be formatting my drive and reloading Windows. It’s always nice to have a clean installation every so often. The computer always runs so good at first. It’s like letting your computer run around in its undies.


  1. Grande says:

    hahahaha String Time

  2. Kevin says:

    The thong is wrong on so many levels.

  3. Zak says:

    in the words of gingerbread man from shrek

    ‘…… ITS A THOOOOOONG!!!’

    tyler, your a sicko 😛

  4. Zak says:

    lmao at the google ads 😉 womens undies, thats what u get for saying the words, thong, and mum on one page 😀

    now THATS a nasty mental image, burrrrr **shiver**

  5. Lee says:

    I think it’s safe to say that I have never, until this day, been subjected to the sight of a penguin’s butt.

    Sorry to hear about your system crashes. Have you considered getting an external hard drive for backups?

    Also congratulations on expanding your global domination. I do have a small problem with the Mom’s Coffe Break site, though, which is that it doesn’t display the full width of a strip, and when the strip first loads you see the RIGHT-hand side of it first, so you could read the punchline before getting a chance to scroll over to the left to read the setup. Needs a bit of work, I feel.

  6. mkahmvet says:

    I don’t know if you read these comments, but I’d at least run a memory test on your computer. The computer symptoms sound like it might have a chunk of bad memory. A good test program can be found at I use a variation of that one called memtest86+, which you can google if you want, since I don’t have the URL memorized.

  7. RW says:

    Running in antarctica in only our undies is probably not a vary good idea, but a vary good way to cure hypothermia to strip down to your undies, get in a really warm sleeping-bag and in the words of my friend, ‘cuddle’, lol. 🙂

    well anyways, vary funny, and I have never seen a penguin wearing undies!

  8. Phill says:

    That works well in moderately cold climates (so I hear 😕 ), but you’d need a damn good sleeping bag to do that in Antarctica!

  9. RW says:

    well I ment to cure someone else with hypothermia, ’cause with both the bodie heat it will work real well.

  10. Tyler Martin says:

    I got Windows back on my system, it’s just doing like two years of updates or whatever. Then I have the long process of reinstalling software and hoping that I got all my files backed up correctly. On the Rocks is on two seperate DVD’s so it should be covered.

    Lee, I’ve tried the comics there on my computer with both IE and Firefox and they load to the left. What OS and browser are you using. Should probably let them know if it’s not compatible with most browsers for some reason.

    MKahmvet, good call, I’ll give that a try and make sure I don’t have some bad memory. I remember that happening several years ago with a computer that kept giving me the blue screen of death.

  11. Mokango says:

    About a month ago I attended a lecture given by a physicist who studies astronomy from The South Pole. He said that they have a 300 club. To become a member you have to leave a building, walk out to the actual south pole, circle it and walk back. Wearing only a pair of shoes. It’s the 300 club because he said that they sit in a sauna at 100 degress celcius and go out into the weather when it’s -200 Celcuis. It takes about 10 minutes and you have to walk because if you run you’ll breath heavier and at those temperatures it frostbite your lungs.

  12. wow i didnt know osbourne and wally had human-like butts….
    if only that background had a sunset for the last frame… 😀

  13. Dad says:

    I had the same thing happen as Lee, when I viewed it this morning. It kept loadinding to the right with IE and Firerfox. Now I try it and it loads to the left. The power of suggestion???

    The briefs are cute on Wally, sure glad you didn’t put him in a speedo.

  14. Dad says:

    “loadinding” is long for loading

    I just figured out one thing, and that is if you move your mouse after clicking
    on the comic link it will load to the right. It seems to depend on where your mouse pointer is after you click.

  15. Tyler Martin says:

    Yeah, might just be when you click the arrows your mouse tends to be to the right there. Guess they’ll figure it out if there’s problems, I just make the comics.

    I got all the Windows updates loaded, it only took like 37 reboots. Love that bit.

    And yeah, this comic should have just been called “Wedgies”.

  16. bobo says:

    ok ewwww.

  17. bobo says:

    why are the smiles terning pale?

  18. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    lmbo. glad 2 hear that u got ur computer back up an running again! 😀

  19. Sev says:

    I have seen a cartoon penguin wearing a thong.

    My life is now complete.

  20. Shrew says:

    Mokango, 100 degrees Celcius? Are you SURE? Water boils at that temperature. 🙂

  21. I’ve showed On The Rocks to my mom before…she thought that the guys were cute 🙂


  22. bobo says:

    sev yea and ended.

  23. Hywel says:

    Yes, I love going to a sauna – you really are sitting in temperatures of 95-100C. That’s also why it’s dangerous to stay there more than about 20 minutes. Trouble is your body gets tricked by the temperature and you’d just lapse into unconsciousness if you’re not keeping track of the time as your organs start to shut down as they overheat.

    Pouring water over the coals in a sauna makes you *feel* as if the temperature is getting hotter as the water vapour hits you – but it is in fact getting colder – you’re feeling the humidity change, not so much the temperature.

    I do however question the temperature of -200C, which is almost cold enough to freeze Oxygen. I believe the coldest temperature on Earth on record was -89.2C which is indeed colder than the point where carbon dioxide freeezes (dry ice – CO2 has no liquid state). -89C would indeed damage the lungs in quite a short time so I can well believe the “not running” part of the story…

    Back to the ~100C temperature – I forgot to take my watch off when going to the sauna once – it had a metal band. Not only did the digital display turn black (thankfully it reverted when it cooled down) but it also burned a nasty ring around my arm without my realising it was doing so!

    Wally and Osbourne in a sauna – now there’s a thought!

  24. Jonas says:

    LOL – a penguin in a thong!

  25. Vic says:

    By the way, Memtest is now at

  26. Paulette says:

    Seeing osbourne in a thong not only ruined my life,but made me brain-dead.

  27. Zoey says:

    WHOA osbornes butt looks weird in the third panel

  28. Atarin says:

    I actually have seen photos of a friend of my mum who worked in a research station in Antartica sitting outside in a t-shirt and shorts. He pretty much said that as long as the wind isn’t blowing it’s actually not all that cold, but if it’s blowing anything above a light breeze, you can barely go out without a thick coat.

  29. Ace says:

    I can see it all now
    The Cheek Crew

  30. Jenny says:

    I’m having a HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCASS week. That means when I see weird underwear stuff, I yell, HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCASS.

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