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: Underwear That’s Barely There
Apr 12, 2006

Running around Antarctica in our underwear is an experience few of us will ever partake in.

Your Mom Reads On the Rocks

Well, she might anyway. I forgot to mention that On the Rocks is being syndicated to yet another site. FamilyEducation has a new feature called “Mom’s Coffee Break” which has a comics section now featuring On the Rocks along with For Better Or For Worse and Cathy.

On the Rocks also appears at Funbrain, a children’s edutainment site. It’s a kid friendly site if you want to allow younger viewers to read the comic there since I can’t make promises as to any of the content I might link to here. Also they have a pretty cool Flash penguin game there in the arcade where you fire snowballs out of a cannon at other parachuting penguins to keep them from landing on, overcrowding, and sinking your ice flow.

Computer Troubles

I’ve been having some problems with crashes, random system reboots and file corruption. Now I can’t even open any of my file folders without it crashing. I could barely do the comic. I got everything safely backed up to DVD’s, so today I will be formatting my drive and reloading Windows. It’s always nice to have a clean installation every so often. The computer always runs so good at first. It’s like letting your computer run around in its undies.