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: Capes
Apr 13, 2006

Perhaps one reason we loved running around in our underwear as kids is that it’s kind of like a superhero, especially with the simple addition of a cape fashioned from a small blanket or whatever was handy. This of course being based on the oldschool superheroes that wore their underwear on the outside.

Old Toyz

Speaking of being a kid, Toyzville, a webcomic about a place where retired toys go, is celebrating it’s 100th comic strip today. The artist had a little contest of guessing some partial photographs of some toys ranging from old to new and I won. Yay! Reaching certain numbers of strips is kind of rewarding for a webcomic artist, regularly updated comic content is a lot of work, especially when it’s just a side hobby and you have lots of other stuff to attend to too.

The Computer

I seem to be back up and running. Just have Windows, a couple programs and my On the Rocks files back on it so it’s pretty clean and running smooth so far.

Man it’s hot today, I got to go hook up my air…