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: Tourists: Stare Standoff
Jun 5, 2006

This is the time when you are watching an animal that knows it’s being watched. Rather than engaging in any of it’s normal activities you would like to spy in on, it just watches you back. Seems to happen sometimes in zoos, especially with the primates. You often wonder who is watching who. You got yerself a stare standoff.

New Orlean Penguins Return From Family Reunion

Nineteen African blackfooted penguins returned to a New Orleans aquarium after being rescued from it due to Hurricane Katrina. They stayed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, with several other penguins that had originally come from the New Orleans aquarium. It was like a family reunion for them. Read the complete article from Associated Press.

Of course the penguins may prefer to be back in Monterey or even Africa at the rate New Orleans is sinking and with the hurricanes expected this year.

Global Warming Fun Time

Global WarmingSpeaking of hurricanes, global warming was linked to the hurricanes in 2005, which was an active year as far as hurricanes go. I’d link to the articles but they are no longer available. There is this one though on the discussion of whether these rising temperatures are threatening Florida with a long-term future in bad storms.

Sometimes people will tell me that global warming is nothing, it’s just a media hype thing, it’s just a natural cycle of the earth, it got this warm a hundred years ago too. Well, it’s scientific fact it is getting warmer, as to whether it is part of the earth’s cycle is kind of irrelevant. Whether it is or not does not make it any better for us. The fact that there have been huge earthquakes before doesn’t ease the news of another one coming, especially if there was something you could do to slow it down. In history those warm periods helped spread plagues, disease and famine. Even in this modern age we are not immune to heat and rapid change of our climate. I know I’ll continue to follow news of it and be investing in ice companies. 😉