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: Tourists: Orcas and Seals, Oh My!
Jun 1, 2006

Tourism in Antarctica is a growing industry. Commercial tourism there actually started back in 1957. Some science groups are concerned that it could have a bad effect on the continent. Fortunately it is expensive enough, especially for extended trips that it keeps the tourism down. Most tourists just visit the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands by ship, some going on shore for day trips. Although more adventurers are now taking an interest in wanting to travel there for SCUBA diving, sky diving, climbing, surfing and ski walking.

As far as orcas and seals, sometimes they play, sometimes the orcas play with their food that is. Here’s an amazing video of orcas teaching their young a hunting technique. Don’t worry, it’s only practice and the seal goes unharmed.


This video on the other hand is not for the faint of heart or seal lovers as it demonstrates some of the cruelty of nature. If you’re an orca lover though, this comes with the package. Much like leopard seals with penguins, the orcas thrash young seals about, but on top of that they also do body slams, short passes, and 50 yard field goals. If you have ever wanted to see how far an orca can literally punt a baby seal, then this video is for you.

WARNING: Graphic content. Excessive seal punting.